US PSN Flash Sale For May 2017 Is Live, Upto 80% Off On Doom, No Man's Sky And More

US PlayStation Store is offering a major sale this week that includes several blockbuster games for the for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

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PhoenixUp1538d ago

If only Axiom Verge were a few dollars cheaper in this sale I might've gotten it

Bahamut1537d ago

From what I've heard, it's well worth the $10.

nX1537d ago

I'd rather spend 10$ on the Santa Monica sale than on a 2D game.

pyroxxx1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Doubt it is going to get much cheaper It is 50% off,.. I am just glad I am finally getting to play it .20 was really steep ,.. Enjoying it immenstly especially on the Vita.

The-rain-maker1537d ago

Not the best selection of games, but a sale is a sale, can't complain too much

S2Killinit1537d ago

How come the best sales always happen straight in the middle of my finals??

Paytaa1537d ago

Gaming and college (school in general) have always had a rocky relationship. Good luck on your finals!

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