First Hour: Madden 15

Pigskins are flying when Colin checks out the First Hour of Madden 15!

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PONTIAC08G8GT2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Am I the only one who's not in love with Madden right now? I picked it up last night and was disappointed. Graphics are 10X better than they were last year (Madden 25). The presentation is excellent and the sounds are great (except commentary needs a major update). But I hate the new play calling layout. And I thought the defense was supposed to be smarter? Last night I had 3 safties playing Cover 2 Sink, so one safety had top left, one top middle, and one top right. The offense has 2 WR left side. One went straight and one ran a post towards the middle. Well both my left and middle safety ran towards the guy in middle leaving the guy streaking down left side wide open. And in man coverage, my DB stood there and watch a guy run past him.

And most of the time in zone defense, defenders don't pick up the guy in there zone. I was playing cover 2 and a guy caught it at the 10 and ran untouched into the end zone. No reaction time, just standing around like zombies. Your supposed to pick up your man if he comes in your zone and follow him until he leaves it, not stand there with your pants down.

MeliMel2483d ago

I havent played Madden for bout 4 yrs now. With Revis in NE. I might have to get this one. Plus ive been hearing nothing but good things from other Madden heads buddies...