7 Games that Look Ancient Compared to Their Sequels

GamesRadar - Game development can be a finicky thing. While many franchises have carefully plotted production times and sequel schedules, sometimes creators get caught off guard by a surprise hit. Since those often have no sequels in the works, the scramble to make one and bank on that sudden popularity can lead to massive tech and narrative headaches. Such projects are way more likely to crash and burn, snuffing out sequels in their infancy, but some survive. They endure long periods of dormancy like mammoths in digital ice, emerging as fully formed titles five, ten, even twenty years down the road.

That, however, can create an odd relationship between original and sequel. Even if the first one is an amazing title that still stands up to scrutiny, the comparison to a much younger and more advanced model can make it look... old. Really old. So old that once you see it, it's hard to unsee. Case in point, these games that are vastly dated by their sequels.

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CLOUD19832483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

This motha***** dare to write this sh1t about FFVII

"As vicious and brutal as the debate over its quality has been, it’s hard to argue that it isn't an important game. No, I mean it. Seriously!"

& he have the nerve after to call himself a gamer & game journalist go jump off a bridge because you are a clueless piece of sh1t that knows nothing.

FFVII is even today the game most people love most from the PS1 era & by far the most favorite FF among FF fans of all time, sales prove that after all it's not the best selling PS1 game & the most downloadable game on PSN for nothing, they didn't say that this was "the game that sold the PlayStation," for nothing, that's how it is & haters like you or anyone else can't get over it because that's not your favorite FF & you keep bashing it again & again on every chance, FFVIII might have better graphics & FMVs but it sucks compare to FFVII can't even compare so FFVIII can keep being more prettier who the fck cares FFVII will always own it & no matter how many years pass this will never change.

HarryMasonHerpderp2483d ago

He's saying it's hard to argue that it's not an important game. What's the problem? I think you've read it wrong.

CLOUD19832483d ago

Hmmm.. yep it seems that I miss read the part it matters & understand wrong, so sorry to the author of this article for what I said, it doesn't happen often to me to miss read something it was the way he wrote it that confused me & I understand wrong, well English is not my native language but oh well, move on.

WeAreLegion2483d ago

People say that, but they tend to either forget or never play Final Fantasy IX. It was the highest rated FF on PS1 for a reason.

CaspuR2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

personally i think 9 was better than 7. i played 9 in 2013, and 7 back when it came out. both are my favorite in the series though.

LoveOfTheGame2483d ago

FF8 > FF7, sorry but that is never gonna change for me. Draw system > materia system, I think that is the biggest thing for me. Love both games though.

Also agree with legion, people always talk about FF7 but there is less mention of FF9 and FF6 which were both, IMO, the two FF games that can't be argued as less than or equal too FF7.

Of course this is just my view on how "good" each game is, FF7 is by far the most important for it making JRPGs popular in the west.