IGN: NASCAR 09 Review

Ryan Geddes writes:

"To me, the sport of NASCAR is a bit like classic Russian literature. I respect it, but I don't really claim to understand it. I can never keep all the characters straight, and I eventually just fall asleep during the dull bits.

There is drama and excitement to be found in NASCAR but it's not easily translated into videogame fun, which may be why Electronic Arts, sole owner of the sport's game licensing rights, has struggled with the franchise in recent years. People love the sport because it's an American institution peppered with friendly, colorful personalities who just happen to be highly skilled race car drivers. The races can be thrilling at times, but the cars all look the same, only turn left most of the time and can remain separated by just a couple seconds for most for the race. That's a recipe for a pretty dull videogame experience."

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Owner360-PS33868d ago

As long as EA is doing Nascar games then it will continue to fall short.I wish Papyrus was still around because there graphics were as good as EA's 10 years ago as compared to EA's graphics now. Any old school players who played Papyrus(Sierra)racing games on the cpu back in the 90's know what im talking about.....