IGN: Requiem: Bloodymare Hands-On

Requiem: Bloodymare, a MMORPG by South Korean studio Gravity that launches next week, is advertised as bloody, gory and violent. It is your most horrid nightmares come alive in an MMORPG world. Monsters roam the lands and you paint the landscape with their blood as you kill them. There are some nasty little (and big) critters roaming the lands in the day, but the special Nightmare mobs come out at night. The landscape actually changes as between set hours.

The mobs change and become nastier. Some quests will even change in the Nightmare hours. Turn a corner and you run into a fat little cherub with oversized baby head, little bitty wings, a spiky barb-wire halo and multi-bladed staff or your nightmare "Santa's Reindeer" and the like. They all take you down like they were lawnmowers and you a spindly dandelion daring to rear your head up from the grass.

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