Hohokum Review | TGH

Vaughn writes for TheGamersHub:
"Honeyslug create incredibly diverse games, each of them seemingly conceived from an evening of mind-altering drugs. Or, at least that seems like the only reasonable explanation for the crazy and hilariously fun games that make up its back catalogue. For many, though, PlayStation Vita title Frobisher Says was probably their first encounter with Honeyslug’s quirky game design. And, while Hohokum seems like something entirely different, it’s unmistakably made by the same team.

"This is probably thanks, in part, to the continued use of Richard Hogg for the art style. His hand-drawn jonky cartoon style adds so much character, and when you’re playing as a rainbow snake in a world where practically nobody speaks (bar a bearded cyclops loon tracking your progress on the pause screen) you need as much character as you can get."

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