P.T. Combined With The Stanley Parable Is Absolutely Hilarious

YouTube user, this is a mirage, has combined the hilarious narrator from The Stanley Parable with the horrors of Silent Hills teaser, P.T.

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DarkOcelet3590d ago

That was genius . It fits so weird in it wow . Hahahaha , we need a second part .

DesertFoxJr3590d ago

Haha, it's so funny, that it's scary.

wheresmymonkey3590d ago

Genius, I hope Silent Hills comes to the PC so someone can make a proper mod for it.

Sm00thNinja3590d ago

Wow not even remotely funny... Just when it could have been funny it ends


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-Foxtrot109d ago

"Tommy saving the planet from an army of aliens after they abducted him and his entire bar, with the game ending on the promise that Tommy would be back, but that promise was never fulfilled"

The thing is with the original Prey 2 that Tommy wasn't even the main character, they replaced him with some generic looking space bounty hunter. It was a refreshing change to see an awesome Native American character with ancestral like powers fight aliens yet they ditched him. It was only after an outcry they showed much later in a new preview that Tommy was in the game as an NPC.

I'd have prefered a real sequel with Tommy as the main character, literally picking right up from the originals ending.

As for Eight Days...Sony really needs to pick this up

If Amy Hennig was still at ND, I'd have loved to see her tackle it after what she did with Uncharted.

isarai109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I thought that was awesome too, and honestly i wish people werent so damn critical about cultural variety in games. I feel like people try to ruin devs lives if even one detail is off about their culture in a game and so everyone is too scared to try anymore

isarai109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

One of the lead engine programmers for Prey 2 at Human Head was my programming instructor when i was taking game design. This game was in limbo at the time and we asked once and only once about this game, the misery in his eyes when he told us "this is the 1st and only time ill ask you to never ask me about that game" was something ill never forget😅 he used a couple assets through the curriculum for teaching purposes but nothing very tangible. Just a function here, a 3d prop there. Such a shame. Years later i saw him at a magic tournament, we caught up and he still thinks about that game and how it's "practically done" probably sitting on a drive somewhere

shinoff2183108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Practically done? Jeez that fking blows because that looked much more interesting then what bethsada made. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the one bethsada made.

Lmno looked interesting.
I'd knock titanfall and fez off the list. Add something else. Scarface 2 man only if would've been awesome. Prey 2 should be higher to. Either way not a bad list. Out of 20 there's only 2 I'd hate on.

isarai108d ago

That gen got a lot of games canned right before the finish line. Cipher Complex, Battlefront 3, legacy of kain dead sun just to name a few

XiNatsuDragnel108d ago

Games that need to come out: Battlefront 3, 8 days, and timesplitter 4.

Skuletor107d ago

One that's not on the list is Killing Day, I remember seeing the trailer in 2005 and being impressed at the time. Being Ubisoft you know it would have been a AAAA game too, lol
2 Days to Vegas and The Getaway 3 are two other games that seemed promising but never came out.

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shinoff2183131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

The orginal prey 2 better be on this list.

And it is. Man if could've got this instead. Wonder why no one's step up to do this kinda game yet. I think there's one in development for pc, it's cyberpunk Era but it takes place in some huge apartment complex I think. Anyway I'm saying this not knocking the prey that came out cause I did enjoy that to but really wanted prey 2 (canceled)

Skuletor131d ago

I wonder if they never happened because they were cancelled 🤔 (stupid headline)

Rockstar131d ago

Was just thinking the same thing...