Oxygen Games Interview - Pirates: The Key of Dreams - WiiWare World

With the anticipation level building for the upcoming WiiWare title Pirates: The Key of Dreams, we decided to check in with Phil Merricks, Project Manager at Oxygen Games to find out a little more information about the game. Phil was kind enough to answer a few of our questions and you can find out what he had to tell WiiWare World in this exclusive interview.

WiiWare World: How long has Pirates: The Key of Dreams been in development for the WiiWare service?

Phil Merricks: About 6 months.

WW: What was the thinking behind making Pirates: The Key of Dreams a prequel to the forthcoming Nintendo DS Pirates title?

PM: We're experienced Wii developers, so familiarity with the way the console works allowed us to have real fun developing the prequel for WiiWare. We decided on a prequel because 'Duels on the High Seas' for DS tells the story of 'seven keys of the seven seas' and we wanted to tell a new story of one of the first keys from that game, 'The Key of Dreams'.....

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