Geek Review: Pirates: The Key of Dreams

The US release of WiiWare a few months ago has yielded some interesting titles, but also a number of flops. The games are meant to be small, simple, and casual which means that if they are not spot on or they have just a few annoying features a good idea can turn into a disaster pretty quickly. With Virtual Console games you know what you are getting–the games have been released before–but with WiiWare (which does not have demos) you have to sink some money ($10 or 1000 Wii Points in this case) in order to find out if the game is any good or not.

In the case of Pirates: The Key of Dreams consumers should be prepared to be disappointed. History has taught us that it is hard to mess up anything dealing with pirates, but this title is repetitive and simplistic enough that even this golden rule is broken. The story is your run-of-the-mill Pirates of the Caribbean-type story, complete with magical coins, governors that tell everyone what to do, and a whole lot of flying cannonballs.

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