So I Tried… Ace Combat Assault Horizon

GameGrin's Andrew Duncan writes: "Each edition of So I Tried… I will try a game that I have never tried before. Will I find something new to love? Will I find something new to despise? I'll take a full half hour, no matter how bad it gets or how badly I do, to see if this is the game for me. This time, I tried my joystick at Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition."

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DarkOcelet2494d ago

It was awesome , fast paced and had an excellent soundtrack and that Dubai level was really beautifully well done , my only issue is that dogfight made it a little too easy and those damn helicopter levels were annoying . But overall 9/10 , any fan of the genre will love it .

DaleCooper2494d ago

Great game! Really underrated. Fast-paced flight combat that felt great when knocking those enemies out of the sky. Plus it had the best quick time event ever.

SoapShoes2493d ago

Didn't like it, it was too Americanized... The only good ones were on PS1/2. After that.... Although Infinity is good, but it'd be better if it weren't f2p.

StockpileTom2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I'm just going to put this out there for you and whoever else who were fans of the PS2 Ace Combat games...

Vector Thrust (PC) is a fan made spiritual successor to Ace Combat that looks pretty promising. I have played the Early Access version and I see huge potential in it.

It is pretty solid mechanics-wise and maps well to a DS4. (you have to use a DirectInput to XInput translator like x360ce)Feature wise it has everything you expect from an Ace Combat game and it has a built in scenario editor so community driven content might be a big thing as well.

It is $15 on Steam right now for early access but it is definitely not a complete experience just yet. I have had a few crashes so there are some stability issues but otherwise it runs great.

At first I wasn't too hopeful but they managed to pick up a publisher so the quality and the content should be trending upward very soon. At the very least people should keep it on their radar for its potential alone.

Hopefully when the final release is out the campaigns will be just as epic, tense, and emotional.
(the music here is just a mod I installed- they didn't rip it lol)

FrostyZipper2493d ago

This as well. Vector Thrust looks like it's shaping up well and if what you're saying about the devs getting a publisher is true then I think those of us who've been longing for the PS2 trilogy to make its way to the PC will be in for a real treat once it reaches the later stages of its development.

2493d ago
StockpileTom2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )


"like x360ce"

x360ce IS one of those programs the name is derived from "Xbox 360 Controller Emulator"
Since it installs a .dll to the game directory it is a run once and done solution.

While it doesn't support the touch input it gets the job done without the need for running an extra program in the background. I will keep the one you mentioned in mind if I ever need that extra input. (likely useful for an AMMORPG)

TuxedoMoon2493d ago

The only problem I had with this game was that prior to AC:AH, I played AC0,4,& 5 on the Ps2. I'm somewhat of a new fan too and I love the arcade style of AC, but AC:AH's events weren't as exciting as the stuff you had to to in AC5 and the dog fight mode was visually cool, but it felt more like it made the game easier. Also I couldn't pick any plane for any mission like in the previous games, the story was kinda boring (because they decided to be more realistic than), and the helicopter sections actually got me motion sick.

The music and the fun is there, but if you played the ps2 games, you might not like AC:AH as much as someone who is playing it for the first time. IT'S NOT A BAD GAME AT ALL! Just want to point that out. If you're in need of a game to fill that inner starfox gap, Ace combat is a must buy.

FrostyZipper2493d ago

I don't think Assault Horizon deserves most of the crap it gets from Ace Combat purists. Yes DFM made dogfighting a minigame and while some of the more scripted sequences (such as taking you through the dense cityscape of Dubai) were pretty jaw-dropping the first time, once you'd seen it, well you'd seen it. The helicopter side-gunner missions were also pretty cookie cutter and the AC-130 mission removed the excitement that Modern Warfare 1's such a phenomenal set piece by plonking down hard-to-see SAMs that - thanks to your inability to do anything about them once they're locked onto you - could and would shoot you down with relative impunity on anything above 'Normal' difficulty unless you knew exactly where they were placed and when they'd open up on you, which usually took a couple of deaths to work out.

I got into Ace Combat pretty late compared to most people (my first Ace Combat was the 6th game, which I fell in love with immediately following a curious demo download on the Xbox Live marketplace) but I've since found the rest of the games and have fallen in love all over again with a franchise that has, so far, retained its quality despite the lack of real evolution in gameplay (AH's experimentation aside).

It's rather funny in a way, because aside from a handful of moments in the campaign, it's not absolutely critical for the player to utilise DFM at all. As for the helicopter missions, with the exception of the side-gunner missions (which only occur a handful of times throughout the singleplayer) I found them rather enjoyable, and the only real issue I had with the story was the same issue I have with most modern military fiction: the emergence of a nation-less group somehow coming into possession of enough military hardware to challenge that of a developed first world nation without ANYONE seeing it coming.

It's not without flaws, but taking DFM (which as I've noted, isn't even essential all of the time) out of the equation, Assault Horizon is more Ace Combat, which - at least to my mind - has, and still is, a winning gameplay formula. And even now, I applaud Project Aces for at least trying to add something new to an already stellar formula, even if it didn't work as well as they no doubt hoped.

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