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IGN - As stand-alone expansions go, Infamous: First Light has a lot going for it. It’s another four hours worth of the same superhero action that powers Infamous: Second Son, and its prequel plot adds some good backstory to the neon-powered speedster, Fetch. She’s a far more interesting and likable character than Delsin Rowe.

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equal_youth2494d ago

yes :D now bring on the disc version and i am happy.

-Foxtrot2494d ago

Yeah I think I'll be getting the disc version to

Shame they didn't have a pre order bonus of a Steelbook, one to fit your Second Son disc into it if you've bought it.

colonel1792494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I get all games on disc, but for a 4 hour game, is no use to have it. I just bought the game from the PSN. I normally don't like to buy digitally, but as I said, it's just DLC for a game.

I would never buy a game like Uncharted digitally, though. Great games deserve their box.

youndamie2494d ago

@colonel exaxtly, that's why I bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 limited edition. I love the storybook case. The only games I buy play digitally is PS Plus games and DLC's such as this.

starchild2494d ago

I played some this morning and I really liked what I played. The graphics are as beautiful as ever and I find Fetch and her story interesting so far.

Spotie2494d ago

Bring back mods.

Can't wait til I get my PS4 and can play through the new game and First Light.

WeAreLegion2494d ago

Had it downloaded last night. Can't wait to play after work!

SoapShoes2494d ago

I think I'm liking this one more than Second Son so far. I like the little things they did to improve the gameplay and the battle arenas are pretty neat. This is a nice addition to the PS4 library.

godofboobees2494d ago

She controls flawlessly, and here powers
feel awesome to control. Really loving the melee finishers

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The story is too old to be commented.