Launch Trailer for Metro Redux released

Metro Redux launch trailer has been released on youtube. Metro Redux will be available on august 26th in the US, the 28th in France, the 29th for the rest of Europe on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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LazyGoron2494d ago

Anyone picked this up? Is it worth playing? I know little about the series... sounds like a Wolfenstein type game. Is it a story-driven FPS? No multi right?

stormskiier2494d ago

Its a must play for any fan of fps games. Very story driven and different from many other shooters in a good way.

Neonridr2494d ago

I picked it up, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet, lol. Lunch break at work.. ;)

LazyGoron2494d ago

Thanks guys, I want to pick this up as I've enjoyed Wolfenstein. Is the story good? From all the videos I watch the "world" looks amazing and looks interesting to play in.

You sound like me LOL, I always grab my games at the mall near my work on my breaks. No waiting for me after work, want to get home and throw it in. Not have to worry about traffic.

SonyStyled2494d ago

ive been meaning to get into metro myself. i played a bit of the first at a friends. low budget title but from what i played it was good and i imagine a remaster fixes and tweaks the game for the greater good. my friend told me from what i remember was it takes place like 50 years after full scale nuclear war. there is no government. every man is for himself. manufacturing doesnt exist. bullets are what you can find thats pre-war and every one counts as they are hard to find. items are found by looting around the map. people protect their items with booby traps. many weapons are handmade in a garage. going out in the open exposes you to radiation. radiation masks are in minimal supply because of a non manufacturing capable globe because of full scale destruction. but mask filters are found by looting. just dont get killed by a trap. i personally thought it was really cool. just skipped on last light because of a few bugs and i didnt complete 2033 so now i can play both all touched up and shiny

AndrewLB2494d ago

Metro 2033 and Last Light are both fantastic games. Two of the most original shooters i've ever played, as in... they aren't your typical cookie-cutter shooter. You'll understand as soon as you start playing the game. The game's use of light and dark, in both a literal and figurative sense, combined with the way the gas-masks limited air supply creates claustrophobia, the resulting anxiety really gets to the player.

If these are anywhere close to the original PC games maxed out, they'll be great games.

700p2494d ago

Yes, its a great game. Great story etc.

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Meltic2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

have it on my PC. The AI is much better and even the character is better. When they talk. They have added the moon in the sky and the lightning reflecs and looks like destiny in the sky. Very beautiful. Stunning !

ps3rider2494d ago

U r aint saying somthing new anyway

Meltic2494d ago

Ofc the moon reflecting effect wasn't there before