Hey EA, Where’s My Skate 4?

Ruaidhri has returned to Port Carveton and Skate 3 for the umpteenth time, but it raises the question, with so many sales and loyal fans, why hasn't EA made Skate 4?

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lashes2ashes2482d ago

Black box is dead thus skate is dead. Plus the sales were not that amazing and I believe dropped hugely for the third one.

SethThePirate2482d ago

It was reported today that Skate 3 has been in the UK charts top 20 for the past couple of years thanks to Youtubers. GAME in the UK got EA to do re-prints. EA would be crazy to overlook that kind of pseudo-fanbase thats come in from people like PewDiePie. Black Box may not be the what it was but the IP is still owned by EA and it's not uncommon for them to go off to another studio to throw something together.

lashes2ashes2482d ago

Black box were the whole reason the game ever existed. It was a passion project for them and a up hill battle just to get it green light in the first place. And you need to look at sales numbers outside of just the uk. Don't get me wrong I would love another skate game if made by black box, I was even a long time poster on the skate message board since before it was ever released. But let's be real skate 3 undersold in America and dropped off the charts with in weeks of release in almost every market it was released in. Look at its sale numbers worldwide and compare it to other EA franchises.