The Crew Beta PC Crashes, Errors, FPS Cap, Freezes and other Fixes

Guide4GameS: The Crew Beta 2 has started and working nice but some of the major and minor problems are also facing such as Freezes during loading, unable to run the game error, downloading issue, FPS cap and other problems. Here are the some issues with fixes addressed.

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Sir_Simba2484d ago

I wont be surprised if this dosent change much when it releases on PC
Personnaly I'm not excited for this game but my friends are

dcj05242484d ago

Beta is beta. Be a beta and make the game Betta.

2484d ago
Whirlwind_Fanfare_082484d ago

I hope the console version that's coming up in september doesn't be like this.

SPARTAN32484d ago

The beta round 2 still handles like poop playing with 360 and x1 controller. Messed with the dead zone and other steering settings still cant seem to make it feel nice.

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