PlayStation Store Preview – August 26, 2014: inFAMOUS First Light

PSLS: This week, inFAMOUS Last Light electrifies the PlayStation Store while Madden NFL 15 throws a deep pass to PlayStation Network and retailers everywhere. Aside from that, there is plenty of digital content like The Walking Dead, a PSOne Classic, and more. Don’t forget to stock up on PSN credit for this week’s PSN store update.

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acharlez1542d ago

Yay! Content for PS4 owners

decimalator1542d ago


But still no Minecraft for PS4 :(

elazz1542d ago

Well, a certification process takes a couple of weeks I guess and a few days time to fix the bug. Probably early September release.

ftwrthtx1542d ago

Another inFamous Platinum trophy? Yes please. 3 is not enough.