10 Things That Suck About the Videogame Industry

Chris Jensen of InfoAddict,com gives a breakdown of everything that sucks about covering the game industry, including embargoes, PR scumbags, and the strategy guide market all based on firsthand experience.

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BeaArthur3831d ago

Personally I hate the price of DLC and all the games that constantly get delayed.

boodybandit3831d ago

""Beyond the idiotic practice of scores, the majority of reviewers really have no business reviewing anything. An overwhelming numbers of critics have a shocking lack of gaming history, have little knowledge of what has come before, lack the wherewithal to frame a critique within a historical context and have played only one generation of games. Maybe it's just me, but a film critic who has only seen movies made in the last five years is incapable of having an opinion that is worth more than a lump of steaming fecal matter.""

kudos to him

dktxx23831d ago

Where's EA on the list?

NRG3831d ago

Each item on the list should be Fanboys, to emphasis how annoying all of them are. It probably wouldn't be too hard to think of ten reasons to hate them either.

sig73323831d ago

Seems to me that this is a well-written honest analysis of this industry, I guess some people are going to feel ashamed as they read this.

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