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Phil Spencer is ‘making sure’ Destiny hits 1080p on Xbox One

Bungie have revealed that head of Xbox Phil Spencer wants them to make sure that their Xbox One version of Destiny hits a 1080p resolution.

Bungie’s director of production Jonty Barnes says “Phil Spencer is a great friend of ours, and has been putting great effort into making sure that the Xbox One edition of Destiny hits 1080p and is a great experience.”

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Community3587d ago
bunt-custardly3587d ago

What personally? What a guy. No seriously, at what expense though? This is the big issue trying to reach this media fuelled resolution.

Downgraded textures, less lighting and shadow effects. reduced frame rate?

PCBOX3586d ago

Believe me 1080p games looking much better than PS4 counter parts on XO I cant believe the people talking shit about XO which they never experienced before.

Ezz20133586d ago

i don't understand what you just said TBH

mikeslemonade3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Lower the price and stop cutting corners. Price your system accordingly to the value of your system.

Should be $349.99 and I promise the bashing will be lessoned. A slightly weaker system that is cheaper makes a whole lot of sense.

Gazondaily3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

^Lmao at the murloc reference

Did the guy just say 1080p looks better on X1 than PS4? I dont even...

sonarus3586d ago

That's EXACTLY what he just said which confuses me because I could have sworn xbox 1 owners dnt care about graphics. No they want voice control and xbox tv integration.

Acadius3586d ago

I own both PS4 and Xbox One. From first hand experience, I can say, you're wrong. I owned Ghosts and Black Flag for both systems and I can say the PS4 looked better with better lighting and textures. Before you get all LOL at me owning two of the same games, I recieved both as gifts since the givers didn't know I already had them for PS4.
I'm not saying my X1 is garbage, I look forward to Halo and other exclusives but when it comes to multiplatform games, PS4 is my choice from PERSONAL experience.
Both systems serve their purpose but it irritates me when people claim there's no difference in displays when there is.

SpinalRemains1383586d ago

No way, better PS4 1080P is nicer because rather than Xbox One is not as good because trust me PS4 resolution.

Jesus, you sound like an encrypted email or prison kite.

4Sh0w3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

lol, Acadius really? uhm its says a lot about what kind of gamer your are since your first thought was to compare them rather than return that the 2nd copy(X1 version) if nothing else for money/store credit towards another ps4/X1 game? yeah OK, sure. It further doesn't make sense because unlike Destiny with both being 1080p, AC Black Flag has a higher res on ps4 anyway. lol

It's very hard to distinguish 900p vs 1080p, I follow games, seen my fair share of comparisons, many times if the labels were removed nobody would be making definitive statements about which "looks waaaaay better" and I'm betting folks who swear they know wouldn't put any money on it in a staged test. Sort of reminds me of the Killzone SF mess that was quickly swept away, go back and look at all those comments and the backtracking.

WHY DO PS FANS CARE IF X1 IMPROVES? The bottom line is Phil is doing a great job, he freed up resources and is more than willing to help devs get the most out of X1, that sounds like what a guy who cares about gamers on his platform should do.

choujij3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )


He kept the games, it's his decision. It doesn't affect you, so don't no need for you being butthurt. And don''t say it's hard to tell the difference with a 40% increase, going from an upscaled image to a native one. Maybe it's hard for you, but I clearly saw a substantial difference on both versions of AC4 (A/B'ed them in person, not some compressed flash video online). Certainly enough for me to choose one over the other.

UltimateMaster3585d ago

It'll come at the cost of frame rate or graphical setting. Forever ruining the Xbox One.

I just want the best looking game there is, regardless of resolution.

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TimeSkipLuffy3586d ago

we don't know yet but he is really dedicated.
Nevertheless I am going with PS4 :)
I would like someone like Phil working for Sony. He would definitely try to get the most desired features to PS4 sooner than later or never. and we would have gotten TR as time exclusive as well :D

Gazondaily3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

"I would like someone like Phil working for Sony."

Sony don't need someone like him. They have Shu

The pressure to get Destiny to run at 1080p is obvious; this is a game from Bungie, the outfit that made Halo which made the Xbox brand what it is today.

Imagine Destiny, a game by Bungie, running at an inferior resolution on the Xbox One? It would be a bit of a blow to the pride of those at Xbox HQ. To be honest, the fact that the game will run better on the PS4 is a bit of a blow as far as I'm concerned anyway, but a resolution disparity would just hammer the point home a lot more.

DevilOgreFish3586d ago

"Phil Spencer is ‘making sure’ Destiny hits 1080p on Xbox One"

good for them. it just means they care about how their multiplat games are being optimized.

URNightmare3586d ago


Sacrifices will be made! 😈

3586d ago
JeffGUNZ3586d ago

I thought Destiny already confirmed they will have the game at 1080p at launch and released a video of the game playing on the 1080p build which IGN released? I'm sure they will be able to do it with the 10% free up. I enjoyed the beta so much I wouldn't even care if that was the final build, just let me play this game now!!!

retro_3586d ago

It's all about MS saving face. Poor Phil, I wonder what goes on in MS towers behind closed doors, less smiling that's for sure.

larrysdirtydrawss3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

this shit is for PR and PR only.. ppl are heavily focusing on resolution at the moment,its the new hotness,and phil knows this. phil wants the xone to match the ps4 in res at the cost of ANYTHING. looks like textures/shading/lighting/ post processing(or other things like framerate) are all gonna have to take a hit to give the resources for the resolution number(1080p) to be reached.

phil knows nobody is focusing on the actual size of the textures,or how many shader ops are going into any scene at any given time,or how many lights are being used at once,,phil knows the biggest graphical effect/thing that ppl mention 99% of the time over anything else in the graphics world is the resolution.. he needs it to match for the PR... so phil is not doing it for the gamer,,he's doing it for perception and business towards the layman minds to make them think their box is atleast equal to the competition

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FanboyKilla3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

lol this res shizzle is a waste of time imho. i played the ps4 beta and xone beta. no difference. if there is, you need them side by side to tell, and even then if they didnt tell what res it was you wouldnt know.

now im all for a game being the best it can be, dont get me wrong. i like beautiful games, i wont say graphics, because im sure you know graphics and res is like apple and oranges. its the first impression, graphics or the look of the game. it is also the first thing you forget. if your game is any good. sure its nice for it to look good while you do it, but tis a game , the object is to play it, not watch it. if your game sucks, why would i want to see it?

look around at what you have created for yourselves. 1080p games, games focused on graphics, not story or gameplay. you, the consumer said res res 1080p. so hell yeah like stone cold, the people selling something, better be selling what you want. or they make no money. thats their job, to make money. so they sell you 1080p.

but uh oh, you like where is the gameplay? this looks boring, this looks terrible. lmfao that 1080p didnt make the game look better after all ha? if shi* could shine, it would still be shi*.

Budobear3586d ago

I'm completely missing your point, as your statement was a confusing mess.
I could agree with you saying its difficult to tell the two versions apart, as it would be but as for the rest of what you've written it fails to make any sense.
If you could try again but use a well constructed sentence and maybe try a little grammar too that would be great.

TFJWM3586d ago

Crytek proves you wrong, people don't just want good graphics...

HugoDrax3586d ago

"i played the ps4 beta and xone beta. no difference."

I played the alpha/beta on my PS4 using the same tv. I played the Xbox one beta using the same tv. The results? Identical, and I'll own both final build games in a few weeks since I have the ps4 Destiny bundle pre ordered, as well as a digital copy of Destiny for xb1.

Funantic13586d ago

If Destiny for X1 is well optimized and coded it won't lose the textures, lighting, and all that which you said. There are always short cuts to coding to get the same amount of data with less algorithms. That's just good coding. But MS is sending in programmers who really understand the X1 to help Bungie optimize Destiny more efficiently.

purp13m0nk3y3586d ago

Wow. So you have zero idea what your talking about.

Same amount of data with less algorithms... what!? Not trying to be a prick, but your comment would have held more weight if you didn't try and sound all technical and fail.

That being said. I understand what you're trying to say. But sadly no amount of coding wizardry will make up that 40% difference in raw GPU grunt.

For the Xbox1 to hit 1080p some sacrifices will need to be made. If they are smart and choose the right things to sacrifice, the differences will be hard to spot. But they will be there.

JeffGUNZ3586d ago

@ Purp13monkey

Depends on the developer and the demands of the game. A lot of developers are hitting the 1080p mark solely from the 10% free up Kinect was restricting. A lot of people here keep thinking MS is shuffeling magic beans in the console to get 1080p, ie, cutting back on FPS to hit it. That's ultimately false. X1 is senidng out their tech team to developers to help reach the 1080 with the spaced they have recently made available through the 10% kinect issue. This game isn't locked at 30FPS on either console, according to all the articles reviewing the beta. Either way, the frame drops were so insignificant I never encountered any on the X1 nor did I hear anyone complaining who played the beta on the PS4.

The PS4 will have the edge overall, but unless they are side by side and you're LOOKING for it, you'll never notice it independently.

Magicite3586d ago

To achieve one, You must always sacrifice another.