Madden NFL 15 Features a $99 Micro-transaction; Several Ultimate Team Items Behind Paywall

Joel Taveras writes, "I’ll preface this all by saying that this won’t impact all Madden players, as the game is not forcing anyone to participate in its “Madden Ultimate Team” mode. However, there’s something being done in this years iteration that is sure to raise an eyebrow or two."

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aquamala2707d ago

you can only buy packs with these "points", so nothing new here, we have people spending hundreds of dollars on Ultimate Team mode on FIFA and Madden.

JoelT2707d ago

I think the most concerning thing is the inclusion of points-only items this time around.

aquamala2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

what are these points-only items? AFAIK they are changing it to be like FIFA, you buy points with money, you can only spend points on packs.

if you are talking about bundles, that's the same as last year's Madden, you can only buy bundles (with toppers) with real money, not with in game coins.

sonarus2707d ago

Maybe it's just me but I rarely rarely dabble in that part of madden the ultimate team stuff. I certainly can't imagine a scenario where I would pay for it. Madden for me is only good for ranked matches and online connected franchise. I would say 70% of my time is online connected franchise. 25% on ranked games and 5% everything else. Madden for me is probably greatest value per dollar for me cus I play that game almost non stop till a little bit after superbowl

JoelT2707d ago

"bundles and other points-only items" according to the screen shot.

Corpser2707d ago

Why don't you find out what these "points only items" are before you write the click bait article? You are the "journalist"

3-4-52707d ago

In all honesty though, 90% of Madden, is the franchise mode, and not all this gimmick stuff.

It's the core gameplay and the building of a team into a superbowl champion.

All this pack stuff and other mode crap with transactions isn't worth making a stink about.

I'm more upset they took out create a team.

That was a FREE way to extend the replay value of this game infinitely.

AutoCad2707d ago

This is nothing new lol..
Its in every sports game Madden-NBA 2k.

tlougotg2707d ago

Micro transactions are ridiculous but hey at least its voluntary. Ive seen several special weapons in tlou behind micro transactions and i think its disgusting.

Ripsta7th2707d ago

Yeah sadly people got to comfortable with microtransactions so its becoming the norm...

ShowGun9012707d ago

will it be next year when something a little less voluntary is behind a micro-transaction? or the next? people need to have a little self respect and quit giving money to devs that do this crap... if you want the game, thats fine, but don't spend one penny on this micro-crap!

wsoutlaw872707d ago

Players in mut are the same as guns in tlou. I hate that people spend so much money in mut just so they can beat someone. Theres kids that spen over 100$ on mut after spending 60$ on the game, and your still just playing the same game. Then when the next madden is out they just start all over.

BillytheBarbarian2707d ago

They need to micro transact a $10 roster update for madden 25 so no one has to waste money on another piece of shit

wsoutlaw872707d ago

You can download roster updates online for pretty much which eve madden you want. Buy ya you cant play online. Playing online was so broken in 25 that they really need some big fixes.

TheFallenAngel2707d ago

I miss the good ole cheat codes that you used to unlock characters and other things...

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