Three Madden NFL 16 Players Who Need A Ratings Upgrade & Three Who Need A Downgrade

Next month Madden NFL 16 arrives and with it so does the annual ratings debate. We take a look at some players from EA Sports Madden NFL 15 to see who deserves a significant rating boost and whose rating need to drop like a rock.

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gamertk4212640d ago

Brandon in the US is translated to Brendan in Canada, lol.

gedden72640d ago

Hmmm 3 upgrades
1. Football gaming in madden. Should be chest like instead of MONEY PLAY LIKE

2. Animation Quality is still HORRIBLE

3. AI should be WAY more adaptive

1. Let go of the NFL license EA, let 2k or another company show us what NextGen Football would look like

2. Money plays online or off should be ELIMINATED

3. Aggressive catch looks SUPER OP.. Every WR can make ODB catches???

COGconnected2639d ago

There are no "money plays". Everything can be stopped. Call the right D, make the appropriate adjustments and make a play.

gedden72636d ago

LMAO riiiight.. BTW no one online agrees with you...