Manhattan Professor claims that WoW “can be a religious experience”

This article is about the newest book by Manhattan Professor Robert Geraci which claims that games like WoW and Second Life can give gamers religious experience

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Gearfox1614d ago

It's amazing what people believe in sometimes isn't it.

Pandamobile1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

It's not really a belief system, is it?

I gathered that it's more of a communal thing. People follow religions so that they can be a part of a larger community of people in the same religion. With games like WoW and Second Life, the same sort of social and communal coherence can be achieved.

ATi_Elite1613d ago

"It's amazing what people believe in sometimes isn't it.

Yeah like PS4 being on par with a High End PC.

(BF4 = 900p TW3 = 900p)

So yeah it is amazing how a large group of people with similar thoughts and beliefs can wish upon a star and loose sight of reality as they find a little too much joy in one thing.

and this includes WoW Second Life and anything else deemed a religion.

memots1613d ago

yup , Just look at every single belief out there since the dawn of man. Even flying spaghetti monster is a religion.

GruntSoldier1613d ago

It's as real as religion so why not.

Codewow1613d ago

Oh no... more religion. Look where it's gotten us all. No offense to those who follow a religion..