Microsoft poised to buy SEGA?

Are you an avid Xbox 360 gamer? If so, chances are you are also a member of the 'old' SEGA faithful.

It's no secret that when SEGA fell out of the hardware market, most of the devout fans of 'home of the hedgehog' pledged allegiance to the Xbox brand. In part due to the early launch titles for the original Xbox - the classics 'Panzer Dragoon Orta' and 'Jet Grind Radio'. Both niche titles brought the SEGA faithful over to Microsoft's house for a party.

SEGA Sammy shares have taken a battering over the last two years, dropping from a high of 2050,40yn down to 1020,00yn this week - that effectively halves the market value of the group making it an ideal takeover target.

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Silogon3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

take them. You can have them and all their future bombs. Old sega is near and dear but the people who made that sega have all moved on and as we've seen in films, (Batman, Dawn of the Dead, Damion, The omen, The fog, Black christmas, hills have eyes, The hulk, the punisher, Day of the dead,Texas chain saw massacre, Halloween, and the list goes on and on)

So, just because you have the rites to make an intellectual property doesn't mean it's going to be the same or as good.

Bleem3603779d ago

I don't agree - sorry.

Whilst I'm prepared to admit some of the output has lost it's sheen, Sonic being a prime example - there are still a bunch of IP's that do well. Look at Yakuza for the PS3 for example - Virtua Fighter 5 and lets not forget the much wanted Shenmue III.

paul_war3779d ago

SEGA's titles are very mixed:

Good - Condemned 2

Bad - Iron Man

Ugly - Viking

However this will be a hugh plus for Microsoft, they still produce a lot of titles.

BeaArthur3779d ago

I'm going to have to disagree with you there on Condemned 2. Condemned was great and Condemned 2 started out great, but half way through it transitioned from psychological thriller with a unique combat system to a weird sci-fi adventure that was hard to follow and the combat turned into a below average FPS.

plenty a tool3779d ago

i would imagine there's alot of sega stuff which is extremly popular over there, and they've got a huge back catalogue which could tapped, remade and updated.

a good move for microsoft imo.

american_ninja3779d ago

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but this rumor looks highly familiar...
First off, 80% of that article is just pure opinion.

An odd one at that, Sega games haven't sold as much on Xbox and Xbox 360 as they did on PS3, PS2 and Wii.

Second, Sega dropped the hardware market nearly 8 years ago, why does the article feel the need to write that again?

Also, how could this be Microsoft's desperate move?

Another mistake, Sega is not Sega Sammy, Sega Sammy is Sega's parent company, buying Sega Sammy would mean buying an entire conglomorate of game companies, Internet service providers, music studios, movie studios, animation studios, arcade facilities.

On a whole it would likely cost more to buy the entire Sega Sammy conglomrate then to just buy Yahoo!, so I know this article is nothing more then wishfull thinking on behalf of a random fanboy.

And wanna know the real irony here? Sega games in general have consistenly sold more then Microsoft Games Studio's titles.

Fallen_Angel3779d ago

Sega has a lot of really great IP's the problem is they either been making crappy new ip's and screwing up the ones they have. While a lot of really good IP's they have they are doing nothing with . Where's panzer Dragoon saga 2 , shenmue 3, skies of arcadia 2 or how about a crazy taxi 3 ?

tplarkin73779d ago

MS needs a Mario killer. Sonic has done it before on Genesis. Perhaps Sonic could do it again. This also falls in line with MS wanting to appeal to younger kids and families.

BeaArthur3779d ago be fair Sonic never killed anything. Sega only went through about 1 and a half generations (Dreamcast died too quickly to consider that a generation) before it died off. Sonic is a classic character, but that series is in desperate need of renevation and in it's current state has no chance of knocking off Mario.

Madmax12819803779d ago

sorry but condemned 1+2 arent developed by sega it was monolith sega is the publisher. and fallenangel there already was a crazy taxi 3 on the original xbox.

Doppy3779d ago

Honestly I think this is a good move for Microsoft. They'll have a casual mascot (Sonic), and one for the hardcore (Master Chief). Not to mention a huge library of old games to re-release, or re-make. Nintendo and Sony should be doing the same thing and buy some of these games studios.

Microsoft- Epic, Sega, Eidos, Team Ninja

Sony- Square, Capcom, Konami, Namco

Nintendo- Sega, Grasshopper

KillaManiac3779d ago

Actually ^^^^ Namco and Capcom have UNFORTUNATELY been giving more love to Xbox 360. Same goes for Square Enix b/c they must of gotten a Big O'l check in the mail recently.

At least PS3 still have the RPG of Gods FFXIII and FFXIIIVersus coming sometime next year (I hope!).

tplarkin73778d ago

Sonic did defeat Mario when he first came out. It was a time when those that played Mario on NES grew up. The original Sonic the Hedgehog was a big leap in technology. Sega marketed Sonic as faster and cooler than the slow-poke Mario, and it worked.

If MS buys Sega, they would have to be smart with Sonic, but Sonic could defeat Mario. It's a great character.

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predator3779d ago

if they make shenmue 3 then im all for it

Cherchez La Ghost3779d ago

I don't want to even start thinking about that. Shenmue is a "classic" game. I never seen no other game to duplicate it's style.

predator3779d ago

yeah i know....lets just hope they see sense and make it huh?

green3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

It will be a sound business move for Microsoft to do buy Sega.It will help in boosting the knowledge in their fanbase that they are still committed in delivering more games for the Xbox brand.God knows that they are seriously lacking in 1st party studios compared to Sony.

Yes Sega have lost their way abit but with some substantial cash injected into reproducing their amazing back catalogue of games Shenmue,Sonic,Yakuza,Skies of Arcadia,Panzer Dragoon to name a few, will only help in increasing sales in all territories.

Anyway Sega please just make a Shenmue 3.

Bleem3603779d ago

Totally agree - Shenmue III would sell bucket loads. It was a fantastic Dreamcast title if perhaps a little ahead of it's time.

But please - No more forklift jobs!

anh_duong3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

sounds like a good idea but for an M&A annoucement it seems strange for it to be delayed until E3. I think you should check sega share price in the last few days before for an insider trading. an annoucement like this should be partially leaked.

edit: sega share price down 25% in last few weeks whilst the sector has risen makes it seem like this theory is interesting but so far highly speculative

RiseOfMonster3779d ago

I cannot believe you named all those SEGA games and forgot Jet Set Radio. Segas best franchise (IMO)

green3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

LOL.cant believe i forgot about Jet set Radio.That was one amazing game.

One thing with Sony fanboys is that when they bring up lists of games coming to the PS3 , most have not even been confirmed to be in development but they list them anyway because SOny own the studio so it's not impossible to believe that Sony is working on the game secretly.

That is the kind of bragging rights that Microsoft need to empower their fanbase with.Buying Sega or other studios will do that.3rd parties supports everyone now so it all lies on the 1st party studios to set console A apart from console B.

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tudors3779d ago

not all games can be complex, my kids just like the ability to fly in a virtual world in a metal suit.

3779d ago