The Bloody Best - Top 8 Resident Evil Games

The Resident Evil series has admittedly had its ups and downs throughout its renowned history. With a whopping total of twenty-four games (and counting), fans have watched as it was molded and mutated into a variety of different outcomes. I want to discuss the gems of the franchise.

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cfc782707d ago

The bloody best top 8 resident evil games but in the wrong bloody order,Resident Evil Revelations in front of RE Zero,Code Veronica X and RE Nemesis not in my opinion but I guess if 4's at the number one spot(although an amazing game) then it's no surprise,totally respect your choices but in no way do I agree with them.

brettnll2707d ago

Thanks for reading :)
Yea i don't know why but I thought RE:R was REALLY great! haha.

cfc782707d ago

I thought it was ok myself it wouldn't make my top 5 lol but then im a major fan of the old school Resident Evil's nothing really hits the spot these days though I really can't wait for the remaster hopefully it will spark a new beginning for the series. (thumbs up for the article)

gillri2707d ago

You got the top 3 spot on! RE4 I recently completed for a 4th time and it just get better and better, IT IS the best Resident Evil game

But REmake IS the best survival horror game and I have a massive soft spot in my heart for RE2

Matt6662707d ago

RE4-6 should of not been called RE, it was no longer a survival horror game, it became an action based game.

The only good RE's are 1-CVx, when it was actually a survival horror

Guy1052707d ago

Good idea, can't complain about your order either.

XXXL2707d ago

Man did I hate revelations. Mutated jellyfish enemies? Really Capcom? Christ what's happened to my once favorite series. And now part 2 may have leaked? I'm sure it'll be hot garbage too.

nucky642707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

top 5:
RE1 gamecube
RE: code veronica

there is no way RE4 is best survival horror game - it wasn't survival was more an action/horror game - but it was done well so I put it at #3

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