What qualifies Zoe Quinn’s personal life as gaming news?

"So as most of us took this unfortunately departed weekend to unwind from the week, one man took his time to carefully lay out his personal experiences in a romantic relationship with the creator of the fantastic Depression Quest, Zoe Quinn. If you haven’t read the story yet, Quinn allegedly cheated on the author with multiple people while sending him into a spiral where he couldn’t tell if he was being paranoid or something was wrong. Whether or not the story is true is far from the point. As it stands, it is an incredibly personal matter that really shouldn’t be on the Internet for all to see. But this is 2014 and if you can even slightly be considered a public figure, expect your dirty laundry to be draped in the open with a spotlight on it." - David Rhinehart of Geekenstein

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g-0ff2719d ago

It's gaming news because it involves several game developers and journalists engaged in ethically questionable hijinx that could affect their games and/or their coverage.

If the insanity surrounding game jam is gaming news and the alleged harassment Quinn faced from wizardchan is gaming news, then this certainly qualifies.

bunt-custardly2719d ago

"marinate his nether rod in her squish mitten."

Oh my! Nice one Ed.

viperman2402719d ago

Don't know why you got so many dislikes, any who, everyone please watch this video.

If your tired of how gaming "journalism" has been on this death decline turning to shit article, click bait and pandering to SJW, than this video must be watched and spread across the net. I'm tired of seeing my favorite hobby die right before my eyes, spread this video if you really care about games and journalism.

OverlordMao2719d ago

who was the journalist? haha

Dannycr2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

It's not her personal life. She can do whatever she wants, but, if you read the entire blog that her ex-BF made where he provides plenty of proof about how she is a pathological liar, then you can't help but wonder if some of her claims where even true (like the harrasment claims that actually she had no proof for).

It's not about condemning her either. She has a problem and she needs help and crucifying her is never a solution, she made a mistake, like all of us and she needs help, but presenting this evidence is important to know the truth about what is going on with all her claims.

Ripsta7th2719d ago

This literaly has nothing to do with gaming, i dont even know who that girl is...

Dee_912719d ago

I just spent the last hour and a half reading about her... please don't make the same mistake I've just made.

Brucis2719d ago

I think InternetAristocrat put it best.
"I don't care the Zoe Quinn fucked five guys. I don't care that Zoe Quinn cheats on people she's in a relationship with, that's on her. Her own accountability, her own ethical and moral failures as an individual are for her and her partner to deal with.
However, when the people she's having an affair with, the people she's cheating on her boyfriend with, happen to be able to help her career through their actions ralated to the industry that she is in? Then it becomes a piece of public discourse, and it becomes important because it helps to highlight a massive flaw in the Fifth Estate."

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