Commentary: Why Kids Like Adult Games

With all the crusades that have been going on in the last few years about keeping kids away from M rated games it got VGP thinking, why do kids really want to play adult games? Is it the violence? Is it that they want to play what their parents play? They want to be cool like their buddies at school that play them?

They guess you could say all of those are logical reasons, but they ask a question in return. Would kids be playing M rated games if they all sucked? Or, inversely, would they play adult games if games target toward them were actually good?

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Kholinar3877d ago


"If you look on you see that the in the past 12 months there have been 10 different titles that average a score of 90% or better. Not bad, especially considering that in the same past 12 months you have four teen games, zero E10+, and two games that are rated E that have scored an average of 90% or better. Its obvious who is getting games made for them. Not your kids."

Ok... so 6 of 10 weren't mature... but that's where the good stuff is?

If anything higher ratings for mature games would be questionable since most reviewers aren't children/teens and thus would probably be biased towards mature or teen games. For my sister-in-laws (12 and 14) Nintendogs is a massive amount of fun. Ratings don't indicate that because reviewers aren't the target audience and don't relate at all to that.

Then there's the "rope in teenage boys with sex and ridiculous violence" approach. Which has nothing to do with "good stuff", but rather with exploitation. Saying that it's the "good stuff" on those sorts of games is like saying endless stream of formula vulgar comedies that release unrated versions to finally make some money are the "good stuff".