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Exclusives When is it okay? When isn’t it?

Microsoft at their Gamescom conference announced that Square Enix’s title Rise of the Tomb Raider would be exclusive to Xbox. Whilst there has been the predictable upset from PC & PlayStation owners disgruntled now the game won’t be launching on their preferred console, this deal actually has some very serious ramifications for the entire gaming industry. We take a look at the different types of exclusives deals and discuss the positives and negatives of each.

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"Exclusives: When are they okay? When aren't they?"
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TimeSkipLuffy3593d ago


It is ok/great/awesome for those who get the exclusivity
It is not ok/tragic/hard for those who don't get it

Of course it is different from person to person because everyone has a different taste and might not be interested in some of the games that the competitor got as an exclusive game.

MightyNoX3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Wrong. Tomb Raider was COMING to the Xbox One regardless. All this does is rob PC, PS4 and PS3 owners for no reason. Besides, the article wasn't asking how YOU feel, it's asking when is the practice okay.

As for the article:


- When franchise is dead and Console manufacturer revives it (Bayonetta 2)

- When both console manufacturer and Dev are co-developing it (Bloodbourne)

- When it's created by 1st party studios (Sony, Nintendo etc)


- When the game's coming to other consoles, already announced for other consoles and then you come along and block it (Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Lightning Mr Bubbles3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Damn, I still can't figure out when Tomb Raider became relevant again.

That franchise was so crash bandicoot times.

Suddenly it's the hottest thing on the web.

I still want to make sure? This is Tomb Raider we're talking about right? Tomb Raider? That Tomb Raider? That same cheesy platformer with that girl? That Tomb Raider?? Tomb Raider??

Here are a few other names. Crash Bandicoot, Gex,Jersey Devil, Medieval, Spyro the dragon...

Seriously... Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider?

HanzoHattori3593d ago

I completely agree with your statement. Instead of buying developers and ruining the industry, Microsoft should take some of that money and invest in first party development, but they won't simply because it's easier to bribe developers.

Gatsu3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I agree it was totally pointless at this point, as it's been known to come other console for a long time. So they decided to bribe the developers and block those many fans of other consoles a chance to play it at release. Some of them were actually looking forward to play it a lot. Forcing others to buy XBox or wait... what a nice move MS. It just shows that they lack in the area of exclusivity and spend money by robbing, just to boost sales.

I was looking forward to play this after the TR1 reboot, as always on PS ever since the 90's. But thanks to MS now I can focus on those 10 other amazing games coming to PS4.

Big_Game_Hunters3593d ago

Learn business. Exclusivity is always okay.

Legion213593d ago

When was it announced for other consoles?

ThePope3593d ago

I don't remember Rise of the Tomb Raider ever being announced for other platforms. It was unveiled at the MS E3 conference and that was all. If news outlets were announcing it as a multi platform title that's on them not MS.

I love all the hate MS is getting. The phenomenon of buying IP for one console or another isn't new. Does it hurt the industry, well only of you are the one not getting the game. Otherwise its just business.

Either get both consoles, or don't play the game. BOTH are YOUR loss, as you will miss out on great exclusives on both sides if you only own one.

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cfc783593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I see it only being ok when you help develop the game other than that leave it on neutral ground let everyone which ever platform they game on enjoy the title though in the case of Tomb Raider I can see what they were thinking in terms of a timed exclusive deal if it's going directly up against Uncharted 4.

MasterCornholio3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Depends on the situation but the Tomb Raider announcement made me angry because they already confirmed the sequel for the PS4 before. Thank god its only a timed exclusive.

P.S I enjoyed the definitive edition on my PS4 so I was looking forward to the sequel.

pornflakes3593d ago

Its ok when its PS exclusive

Its not ok when its xbox exclusive


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trouble_bubble3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

PS doesn't intentionally cock block sequels to franchises already on xbox though, does it?

PS had Splinter Cell Double Agent, MS took away Splinter Cell Conviction. PS had Dead Rising 2, MS took away Dead Rising 3. PS had Ace Combat 5, MS took away Ace Combat 6. That's greasy.

Look how long MS held on to Mass Effect1 even after the trilogy ended? MGS Peacewalker and AC Liberation meanwhile both went from psp exclusive to ps3/360 at the same time. No pettiness. No stupid parity clauses.

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