PlayStation 5: what should we expect from PS5 and the next generation?

The PS5 is coming but when and in what form?

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Relientk772630d ago

Exclusives, exclusives, and more exclusives

and then

games, games, and more games

MRMagoo1232630d ago

Really tho, an article about next gen already, i got my ps4 at launch here in Australia but I still feel like I have only just got it, I dont even want to think about next gen. If I had to guess tho it will be like you said Sony being Sony, thats why we buy their systems because we know they deliver.

psman0122630d ago

Same, I have no interest in next-gen (as in ps5) as of yet. I feel like as time goes on, gamers are gettin more and more spoiled and just keep wanting the next best thing. I wouldn't mind not seeing a ps5 for at least three or four years at the minimum.

AliTheSnake12630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

You can't go digital, or PSnow only. Specially you are also talking about 4k games, which will triple the size of PS4's games. A lot of people don't have reliable internet. And half the internet companies offer limited download/upload. You go digital you alienate 80% of gamers.

user14394142630d ago

Sony will continue to dominate the next generation.

cfc782630d ago

I expect more XBOX ass kicking unless Microsoft pull their finger out.

SactoGamer2630d ago

I expect nothing much for at least four or five years.

Rimeskeem2630d ago

I feel it to be a bit too early to really make prediction that count.

Godmars2902630d ago

Should be exactly like the PS2: a game player with media system functionality *You Don't Have to Think About*. No having to worry about licensing from Youtube or Netflix, they're just there if connected to the internet.

And and internet connection shouldn't be needed. Rather such should be a bonus once connected.

Immorals2630d ago

And I guess mobile phones should just call & text, nothing else too?

caseh2630d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.