Exclusive Madden NFL 15 Gameplay Videos

GoodGameBro writes, "This year, we were fortunate enough to capture early gameplay for Madden NFL 15. We've compiled a wealth of footage that shows off team relocation options, Madden Ultimate Team, broadcast camera, defensive camera, touchdown drives and the pre-game show."

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gamerfan09092503d ago

I can't justify buying a madden game until they completely overhaul the gameplay and make it run as a true sim. The AI is simply too dumb and doesn't act like true NFL AI. I'm not going to be ignorant and say we need 2k to make a NFL game, but I think some crazy talented team should get the rights and start making an NFL game.

Software_Lover2503d ago

I buy it off a year. When the new Madden comes out this year, I will buy Madden 25 for $19.99

YingYng2503d ago

Ea sports pass? Or are you on playstation?

YingYng2503d ago

Ea sports pass? It's a option. Or are you on playstation?

3-4-52502d ago

Can't wait for this game.

Only thing I play is Franchise but I usually create 32 teams & all the stadiums, uniforms ect...

I love what they are doing this year with the Team relocating and allowing the CPU to do it as well, but only a bit into the franchise. That plus the easier sim options, & wider variety of player types should keep me playing this for at least 1-2 years.

* Can play the crap out of that for two weeks until Destiny arrives.

Ashby_JC2502d ago

You wouldn't be ignorant in saying we need 2k to make a nfl game.

At the time...I would label the devs behind the last 2k football game....CRAZY TALENTED!!

Harmy6662502d ago

Try EA Access on Xbox One, huge saving for like 20 bucks a year. And you get access to the Vault, not sure what games will be added, but I'm playing Madden 25 atm.

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mediate-this2502d ago

Yeah im with the first post, id play this game at a buddies place who bought the game, but i myself would not shell out money to buy this game. Just looks the sames as playstation2, obvscwith updated graphics. The 2k series needs to come back. Competition is good

DallasTrout2502d ago

This looks really bland and terrible.

Ashby_JC2502d ago

Watched all videos. The only one that had my interest was the defensive cam.

Really felt that playing defense was like watching a game.

I think playing one position and being locked would be interesting. Would give me the feeling of being a player more so then controlling everyone.

DEEBO2502d ago

Yeah but that defensive cam is not new,NCAA football use it before.just ea trying to pull a fast one.