Top Games That Need A Remake

So I’ve been gaming since I was born, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too long ago. My first memories were of playing with my Sega Megadrive, playing Mega Bomberman & James Pond (Google it). I’ve seen many games come and go and admittedly I wasn’t always as in tune with the gaming world as I am now. But one thing I’ve seen is a collection of games being remade in HD or even rebooted. So in honour of the games that went out swinging, I’d like to present to you my list of games that I want to see remade.

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SaveFerris2234d ago

I really enjoyed Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning but I'd prefer to see a sequel rather than a remake, on current gen consoles and PC.

WillGJ2234d ago

Oh yea definitely! but damn now I've realised the article might be misleading.

Basically I mean a continuation of most the franchises - Darksiders 3, Redfaction 3, Rage 2 etc

But I'd want Soul Reaver HD & the 2 Zelda Games in HD on a Wii, not a handheld.

ATi_Elite2234d ago

So we have reached the Gen of remake old games.

So I expect game prices to be $19.99

I want Red Faction 1 remade. Great FPS with destruction and at that time advanced A.I.

Red Faction on the Frostbite Engine oh my!

Hellsvacancy2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Populous The Beginning, i'll wish for a remake of that game until the day I die

Also Final Fantasy 8, everyone else wishes for FF7, I personally preferred 8

WillGJ2234d ago

Ouch a Bullfrog game? Sadly that's super unlikely due to the EA merge basically.

Buuut also Bullfrog had Molyeneux's hand in there, so maybe he'll bring back some truly cool God Games? THere's always hope.

Hellsvacancy2234d ago

I hope so, other than From Dust I haven't played a decent GodSim in years

Software_Lover2234d ago

Crimson Skies, KOTOR with new cinematics and everything (a full remake), Grandia series, Gradius (with full 3D support), Onimusha....oh that's BloodBorne.

Tdmd2233d ago

Soul Reaver, yes! That would be the dream. Amalur deserves a sequel, but I would buy it again if they went on the remake route. Add a little bit of challange (a hard mode, maybe?) and it could be one of my favorite games ever!

WillGJ2233d ago

I like the way you think on that Amalur front!

If fable hired their visual artists though I'd be slightly happier because I just think KoA did the PERFECT fantasy world.

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