Palgn: Battle of the Bands Review

There once was a time when rhythm based games were the sole domain of a select group of savants able to enter trance-like states in which they were able to meld their minds with a seemingly endless stream of coloured bars tearing up or down the screen. But a right place, right time release of Guitar Hero and the 'long-time-coming' recognition of DDR in the West changed all that and now those multi hued beats have moved out of Japanese and 'boutique' Western arcades and into many a home all across the world. Rhythm games have gone mainstream. So just as the popularity of platformers in earlier periods of gaming birthed a deluge of titles featuring that brand of gameplay, the mass appeal of musical titles has begun to draw developers and publishers towards a genre that up until recently was not a profitable prospect. Battle of the Bands is the latest title to try its hand at beat matching.

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