Tomb Raider Writer Attacked over Xbox Exclusivity

While many of us were far from happy about Microsoft's "acquisition" of Rise of the Tomb Raider, some took it further than others. That's the problem with having such ready access to people via the internet: it's not difficult to hunt them down and attack them when something they're involved with becomes controversial, even if the person being attacked had nothing to do with the decision. That's what happened yesterday with Tomb Raider and Rhianna Pratchett.

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Mikey322303603d ago

I dont get this... Tomb raider is no big deal to me. But if it was i recognize that id have about 2 options:

1) Buy the console and game if i want to play it bad enough.
2) Dont buy it, then it's egg on their face, they lose your business.

Enemy3603d ago

Attacked and it's not even exclusive, already confirmed by Microsoft.

xHeavYx3603d ago

I think "attacked" is a strong word to refer to people being mean on Twitter

ABizzel13603d ago

These are not fans, these are ignorant trolls, and borderline mentally challenged individuals plain and simple, just like every single person who keeps saying PS4 fans are the worse, you too fit one of those groups if not both.

No person with any sense of sanity or maturity sits on the internet and purposely trolls all day long. No sane person sends hate mail or threatening message to people who had absolutely nothing to do with the issue plaguing them.

The actors, the writer, and probably most of the developers had nothing to do with this decision. This decision was handled by Square, Microsoft, and Crystal Dynamics upper management.

If you want to send your unhappy messages to anyone it would be those people, and their PR departments. Don't attack anyone else, because they have absolutely no power over this.

When these kind of things happen, okay be up in arms the first day. Start a petition, spread the word, and if things don't change vote with your wallet and don't support the company anymore.

Money is the main motivator of any of these businesses, so when they start acting reckless, then hit them where it hurts the most, their wallets. Let upper management not get their bonuses and I guarantee you there will be changes instantly.

gootimes3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Bungie was "attacked" on twitter over DLC!! Xbox fans are by FAR the most immature and entitled fan base. Not all, but MANY are.

Both PC fans and PS fans are upset about tomb raider being timed exclusive...

ThunderSpark3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

It's so easy to put the blame on fanboys but Microsoft is at fault here as well for their wording. They should have been straightforward with their info and stated it was a timed exclusive.

Microsoft has been playing word games when it comes to consoles shipped and their supposed "exclusives". When they go back on their wording and have to clarify what was stated, it usually leads to more 180s. Xbox One-80.

@Joe913: I agree 100%. Gamers are not dumb and stupid. Lesson for Microsoft: Be forthright with all your info concerning gaming or it will backfire on you.

Joe9133603d ago

@ThunderSpark I agree and another reason why Sony probably go last in all these press conferences because they let MS piss people off then they fix there stuff then go out looking way better than MS Sony has played the word games before but I think it is funny this time (probably due to MS being unclear about Tomb Raider) they made sure you know what was 100% only on PS4 and what was just coming first to PS4 not a big deal but after the MS tomb raider thing it makes Sony look better because they were more clear about what to expect with their games.

Gozer3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

People who do things like this, are not only an embarrassment for the fans of their platform of choice, they are an embarrassment for gaming as a whole. That also applies to the people who defend, and make excuses for these people. Gaming is a hobby, not life or death, get a grip.

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Army_of_Darkness3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

@battlen "Sony Drones are more dangerous than Government Drones!"

If shouting with verbal insults through TEXT/ Twitter hurts your feelings too that point, then I feel really sorry for you when you step into the real world buddy ;-)

@truefan "ps4 fans are the ABSOLUTE WORST"

LOL! you take your disagrees to seriously bro.

pinkcrocodile753603d ago

@ALL Regarding this story I think everyone from both Xbox and Playstation camp need to GROW UP.

Rhianna Pratchett, the daughter of the great Terry Pratchett (Author of more than 40 Discworld Novels)has every right to drag this internet creature into court.

To the people who say, "Oh it's only twitter", I say "If you speak to me like that I'm either going to punch you so hard, you'll think twice next time" or "You're going to court for liable or what ever is legally appropriate".

This is just a game, I understand how you feel and the right place to rant is here.

The second you cross the line and become verbal at someone who is innocent, on a public forum, you deserve to be found and gripped by the police and deservedly prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Moan and rant all you like here, thats what this site is for... Moaning.

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legionsoup3603d ago

Enemy - where did you see this? I was planning to get it for my Xbone when it was used (so they didn't get my money), but if it's coming out later on PS4, I'll wait.

Also, the reason I'm replying to Mikey and not Enemy is so that I can get a reply to this question and see it in my notifications.

Enemy3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )


Square-Enix was forced to delete lots of tweets today. Spencer and Greenberg lied all about it too, using cheap wording to conceal the truth about the game's plans as a timed exclusive. It'll come to PS4 with exclusive content as usual.

Xb1ps43603d ago

Ssoooo.... you have a xb1 and youre still butt hurt about the exclusivity? Good god gamers get worse and worse with ever new gen..

gootimes3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Micro trying to deceive the public AGAIN at their conference. Then, of course, they 180.

Sony says when it is not full exclusive, they don't try and trick people...

legionsoup3603d ago

Get over yourself Xb1PS4.

Just because I have everything doesn't mean I can't prefer one. Why shouldn't I be able to say "I don't want to support the business practices of the one that's not consumer friendly (in my eyes), but I also don't want to miss out on any big exclusives on any platform."?

TheRealHeisenberg3603d ago

I buy most of my games used on every platform. I have to really want a game to buy brand new these days. They all just want my money.

Pogmathoin3603d ago

Well done Legionsoup, kill all developers then..... Used games = death of industry.
Buy most of your games new.....buy used games if they are cheap enough and games that you probably would never have bought, but support the industry and buy new.....

legionsoup3603d ago


I have 15 games pre-ordered right now. Meaning they are brand new games. How many do you have pre-ordered?

In fact, I actually have to keep a list of what games I pre-order and from what store just so I don't get a game twice. Here it is (and try again):

AMAZON US: PS4 Destiny bundle, the order 1886 Collector's Edition
AMAZON CA: Dragon Age Inq, Arkham Knight, Farcry 4,
VGPLUS: Senran, PvZ Garden, Diable 3, Madden 15, Hydule Warriors, Danganronpa 2, Bayonetta 2, Shadow over Mordor, Borderlands Pre Sequel, kingdom hearts 2.5
Gamestop US: Tales of Xilla 2 ce, Destiny Ghost edition for 360, witcher 3 collector's edition

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Strange_Evil3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

It's a timed exclusive as per Microsoft themselves. I don't mind it actually. 2015 is packed with games that are much more appealing to me than TR. Will probably buy it when the price drops or used.

I generally hate the practice of a Timed Exclusive game. I understand the timed-exclusive contract on small things like an online map but a game just doesn't make much sense. How is blocking a game for 6 months gonna make me run and buy the other console? Especially when the game in questions isn't that big (I could understand the GTA4 exclusivity as GTA is a massive game).

This just seems like a d!ck move from SE. I liked the previous reboot and was looking forward to this one but now I'll probably get it used. Screw the developers who probably lost a huge chuck of the market share. Hope MS paid enough to offset the lost fanbase (TR:Remastered did sell double the units on the PS4).

Software_Lover3603d ago

So you were gonna get Uncharted? Tomb Raider? Or both? They release at/around the same time. Sony's campaign for Uncharted will be strong and TR would have been an afterthought. People forget about that, probably the main reason its a timed exclusive.

Strange_Evil3603d ago

@Software_Lover... How is screwing your fanbase and releasing the game 6 months down the line gonna help the sales number? It would have lost all the charm of being a new game, it won't have the holiday period to cash off people spending wildly. It will garner less sales than it would during the holiday period anyways you look at it.

If this was the case then they are just chickening out and admitting their product is inferior to Uncharted 4.

This has all to do with the devs being sell-outs for a timed exclusivity to just ensure MS markets the crap and they can pit it against UC4 during the holidays (cause marketing is the only way they can probably usurp the hype of UC4). In turn they are screwing the PS fanbase. It is all business and strategy hence I say screw this game regardless. SE wants to keep the pie and eat it too. They want MS to market it as a UC4 alternative and 6 months down the line they want to throw the bone to the PS fanbase saying here is the 6 month old game as we promised.

And answering your question. I would have bought UC4 waited for the reviews for TR and would have bought it if it was anywhere close to the previous one. I like adventure games and was looking forward to this. But in no way am I buying a One for just a timed exclusive (that will probably run at a lower resolution or frame-rate).

Moe-Gunz3603d ago

The better choice would have been to change the release date. They made several people sour over this. The sad part is CD/SE will be the ones affected by this. MS will be fine. Smart move by MS, bad move by CD/SE imo.

kreate3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Im pretty sure square enix gonna complain that they lost money.

I mean the first tomb raider didnt make money from ps3/360 when it sold 3.5 million in its first so many weeks.until it was re-released on next gen consoles.

What are they thinking?
This will help Microsoft, not sure about square.

Debaitable3603d ago

Let's break it down for everyone. The install base PS4 > Xbox One, obviously right? I'm sure there are people who are excited about this news, which is fine, good for you. The reason why there is so much negativity is because there's just a lot more people who own a PS.

BX813603d ago

Who cares? I don't get what the big deal is?

Blaze9293603d ago

honestly just shows the maturity level of most gamers. Gotta be children who can't make enough money to buy both systems so they cry about it. Otherwise?