Crispy Gamer Interview: Cry Freedom - With a new hero in a new setting, how does Far Cry connect to Far Cry 2?

Crispy Gamer writes: "In the original Far Cry, and the spin-offs Far Cry: Instincts and Far Cry: Instincts: Evolution, you played as Jack Carver, an ex-military man who ran around a tropical jungle, shooting mercs and mutated monkey-men. For the upcoming sequel, Far Cry 2 -- which Ubisoft will release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this fall -- you're not Jack, you're not on a tropical jungle, and there are no mutant monkey men. Which makes this a sequel how? We spoke to the game's creative director, Clint Hocking of Ubisoft Montreal, about how, despite these changes, Far Cry 2 is actually more of a sequel (spiritually, anyway) than you might realize.

Crispy Gamer: For those who didn't play the original on PC, or the spin-offs on the Xbox and Xbox 360, what is Far Cry 2?

Clint Hocking: I think the most important thing about Far Cry as a game experience is that it's a game that takes you where you never thought you'd go in a videogame. A natural place, an exotic place. The wonder of the original Far Cry was having people go, "Wow, it's beautiful here, walking on this white sandy tropical beach." We wanted to recapture that. We needed to go somewhere we hadn't gone before more than we needed to go back to a tropical island. So we went to Africa. You probably never thought you'd play a game in Africa, or that a game set in Africa would look this beautiful, or this credible, but not only are you going to go there, but you'll believe it when you see it."

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