Surgeon Simulator PS4 Co-op is Local Only

Gamers wanting to take the Surgeon Simulator PS4 co-op experience for a spin will have to do so in the comfort of their own home with friends nearby. The developer today confirmed that the new PS4 simulator supports local co-op multiplayer only.

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Kivespussi2593d ago

At least there IS local co-op. So many games outlook that game selling feature. Seems like this will be fun with friends.

FamilyGuy2592d ago

Share Play, once released, will make any game with local co-op playable online anyway. Hopefully more games have local co-op or local competitive play added.

Kivespussi2592d ago

I don't know where the confusion came but that feature is only on Far Cry 4. Share Play means that another player can take the control over the stream if you for example want your friend to try some hard part. Not local co op.

FamilyGuy2592d ago

You're the one that's confused. What Far Cry 4 is doing is something completely different. Share Play was the "Virtual Pass the Pad" feature that Sony announced at the Feb 20th PS4 unveiling. It was described as a way of letting your friends take over a game for you and help you through a section. Share Play is meant to simulate the experience of having a friend over to play your games with. It involves streaming the game to their system and allowing them to play local co-op games with you. It could be beyond that but that is it's major function.

Far Cry 4 is time limited access of share multiplayer so that your friends can see what the game is like. That feature is build into that game specifically whereas Share Play will be a embedded system feature that will allow it to work with ANY game.

There's no confusion here on my part.

Kivespussi2592d ago

Whoops! My bad :(

Didn't watch the stream, only heard a false fact that it was only on FC4. Shouldn't believe anything I read online

3-4-52592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

So REAL Doctors can be in U.S. & perform surgery in Germany, but we can't get a Video game to replicate that ? ( robotics )

For real ?

Rivitur2592d ago

Yay! local co-op isnt completely dead yet.

Deadpool6162592d ago

I prefer local co-op, although I understand why people would want online co-op. Honestly, I can't stand games that only have online co-op and exclude local co-op. I think local co-op should be a given. I have extra controllers for a reason.

CBaoth2592d ago

Serious question: does that update2.0 make online co-op possible then?

MonChiChi2592d ago

I was wondering same thing. I assume share play would work for it, but you know what they say about assuming.

Kane222592d ago

as far as i can tell yes.