Share Your Old School FPS Memories

PixlBit | "It seems like there’s a fairly big movement to get back to the roots of first person shooters lately, with games like Toxikk, Xibalba, and even the Doom franchise returning to the mechanics and sensibilities that started it all. Wrack began this journey six long years ago and has almost reached its full release. If you have great memories of those early “Doom clone” days, share one with us in the comments and you can win a copy of Wrack on Steam! To get things started, some of the staff has shared their own. Just add your memory from those early corridor-stomping days in the comments, no matter how brief, before August 19th at noon Eastern time and you’re entered to win one of five Steam codes for Wrack!*

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ATi_Elite1579d ago

I'm sure fans will be recalling TF2, CS, CS:S, Doom, Goldeneye, Halo, HL, HL2, BF1942,

but I'm gonna go with Red faction, why?

GEO MOD Destruction my friend.

back when everyone was slobbering over the Xbox and Halo I was shaking my head and so not impressed with Halo's SP because it didn't have destruction like Red faction did.

I mean walking into the third bosses elevated ceiling room and being locked in only to literally tear that place down like Neo in the Matrix lobby scene was fantastic.

Not only did we tear it down but I blew holes in the wall to give myself a vantage point for killing the Boss. Columns got knocked down, walls filled with holes, ceiling tiles all over the floor, tables blown into splinters, it was amazing the amount of destruction involved way back then.

Red Faction with Geo Mod technology left such a long lasting impression on me as a great shooter and destruction not seen in such detail until BF3.

pixlbit1579d ago

You should go share this at the linked article to have a chance of winning!