Grown Folks Talk3634d ago

Bridge scene looks like the scrapped Rainbow Six Patriots trailer.

guitarded773634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Screw MS... Tomb Raider exclusive? Screw MS. Develop your own exclusives... stop buying out well known 3rd party. Jerks. Yeah, I said it.

Sorry, I'm pissed. MS gamers should be just as pissed. MS is spending major money for devs to not make games for other consoles when they could be spending that money on developing REAL exclusives.

MysticStrummer3634d ago

The CoD bundle and the TR announcement were the two big items imo. Neither one will propel XB1 over PS4 but they will help.

I still say TR will come to PS4 eventually, but we'll see. Doesn't matter either way to me.

Drasill3634d ago

What about all the exclusives Sony has bought from third parties over the years (Final Fantasy VII-XII, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Infamous before they bought Sucker Punch. You need a history lesson if you don't realize that Sony is the king of buying third party exclusives.

BiggerBoss3634d ago

@drasill, heavy rain, beyond, and infamous were NOT third party. They were second party and published by Sony. Obviously games published by Sony wouldn't be on Xbox...

SniperControl3634d ago

Dammit, i really want to get a X1, but nothing i have seen is pushing me enough to buy one.

Disappointed with Quantum Break, i thought people were saying this was a genre defining game, all i saw was another cover shooter.

guitarded773634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

@ Drasill

When anyone does it, I'm against it. But Sony did NOT buy Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy left Nintendo platforms for Sony platforms because Nintendo were sticking with carts, and Sony was offering the capacity of CD's. There is a difference from devs following tech, and devs taking a paycheck to not make a game for a platform.

Like BiggerBoss said, Quantum Dream was developing for Sony... they were never "coming" to other platforms. I can't think of one instance where Sony has done this. I could be wrong, but I don't think there is one.

ABizzel13634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )


I must say I completely agree with you, and this is getting ridiculous. I'll have my XBO this weekend, as I've been saying, but this deal makes absolutely no sense, and what makes it even more insulting is when these weak @$$ developers continue to try and spin things like, oh we see the most potential working with MS as a partner for support, knowing it's about the money.

No multiplatform developer is going to make their game exclusive, unless there is enough financial backing to make it worthwhile. Even worse, no multiplatform developer is going to take a game that sold best on PS3, and then have the PS4 version sell almost 3x more than the XBO version, and that they allowed to run with much better performance to be exclusive on the lower sell and weaker console, especially when that game was established on a specific console to begin with.

This is BS to every PlayStation and PC gamer, and honestly this is just completely trashy from both sides of it. MS is running a business and it's common practice to want to beat your opponent, but make your own exclusives. Stop buying 3rd parties, "multiplatform IPs" to fluff your game library. If you spent time investing in yourself instead of others you wouldn't have to worry about your gaming library being segregated.

As you said it's wrong for anyone to do it. The DLC crap is simply annoying but doesn't change the fact that both parties still get the game. The timed exclusive crap and this are complete BS, and it harkens back to that Nintendo article complaining about 3rd parties having complete control over Xbox and PS. Obviously we see exactly which console manufacturer is allowing this to happen.

NewMonday3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

after Dead Rising and Ryse I don't know why MS bother, everybody knows by this point any 3rd party "exclusive" on the X1 is timed

can wait for Tomb Raider to come to PS4/PS3, the previous game was fun but nothing to make me rush to grab the next one day1.


that Sunset Overdrive cut-scene is so utterly stupid and cringe inducing, did an 8 year old write that?

FITgamer3634d ago

@Drasill he is upset because it's a 3rd party exclusive from a franchise that was previous multi-platform. I don't mind 3rd party exclusives, but that is shady no matter which company is doing it.

Codewow3634d ago

@OP Why don't you rage at the devs for taking the 'dirty money'.

guitarded773634d ago

@ Codewow

Because I doubt it was the dev... most likely the pub (Square-Enix). And I blame whoever took the payoff just as much for the "problem". I say "problem" because this helps no gamers... only hurts some.

VforVideogames3634d ago

Uncharted has real competition.

TheSaint3634d ago

'Games, games, games' became 'bundles, bundles, bundles'.

darthv723634d ago

guitar...just get an x1 and you wont feel left out of any game that is announced as exclusive ever again.

Its a game system, not a picket line. Even the most diehard of holdouts will give in at some point.

dmeador3634d ago

Then buy an X1 if you want to play it. Thats the point. Some consoles have games that the other doesn't. They are paying them to focus on their console.

Starks3634d ago

It's cool. Microsoft didn't had much in their exclusives anyway, so they'll just buy out a 3rd party one.

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SilentNegotiator3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Paying for a game that was coming to Xbox anyway for 1 year of exclusivity...


mikeslemonade3634d ago

I disagree with all of you. Companies should buy more exclusives to differentiate from the rest of the competition. Exclusives are better for gamers. Back in the day these exclusives like Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, DMC, RE etc. would get in the high 8s or low 9s for meta score.

Now these multiplats are getting from high 7s to mid 8s, so exclusives are better for gamers because the developer can focus just making one version.

Clown_Syndr0me3634d ago

I see your point but at the end of the day, I dont care. I have PS4 and X1 so I wont miss a single great game this generation. Couldnt care less what console I play it on, whos outselling who, yadda yadda yadda.

ALLWRONG3634d ago

Why would MS gamers be pissed about Tomb Raider exclusive?

Sitdown3633d ago

Either through first party or purchased third party exclusive I get games...why should I be upset again?

S2Killinit3633d ago

have to agree with you. but I've said this before, MS's plan is not to aim for gamers, we are just the stepping stone for them to reach the casuals. they sort of made a mess this generation when they announced their actual plans a bit too openly for the gamer's liking and it got them in trouble. truth is, MS only buys exclusives because they dont plan to cater to core gamers for any whole generation. therefore, it makes more sense for them to buy exclusivity at the beginning of each generation when the instal bases are small, then they switch to casuals anyway.

Pogmathoin3633d ago

I understand you biggerboss, you mean like No Mans Sky... 3rd party exclusive?

sAVAge_bEaST3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

tHatS, WHY.. we the say

Rally against M$ ,

our beloved pass time has (tried to be) hijacked, by money grubbing hoes, before bros.


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mochachino3634d ago

Again, instead of funding its own exclusives, MS is paying money for a game that xone gamers would have been able to play regardless. So instead of having 2 games, Tomb Raider and an some real exclusive, all there is Tomb Raider...which they would have had before.

Third party exclusives result in no additional content. It's just using game making budgets to prevent other gamers from accessing something that they would have had.

It's a lose lose for all parties. Nobody should be supporting these practices.

Stuff like this is why I ditched my 360 for PS4. Nothing personal MS, but I hope it fails just for the sake of the industry. I was planning on getting an xone at some point but MS is still the same little sh'.. I can't support these practices.

Xb1ps43634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Even if ms had spent that money on a new ip whos to say it would be good anyway? Or sell enough to make that money back..

Some of you are just too self entitled, get both and all that anger will go away..

I mean what gamer really does that? "What! Another 3rd party ex lusive! Im done with this console" just weird....

mochachino3634d ago


By your logic why make new games at all because there's a chance they may not be good or successful. We should stop creating new IP's all together right?

Unless MS paid a 3rd party to create a game like Ryse or saved a dead or dying project, every gamer should be against 3rd party exclusives. They create no new content.

Would you rather have two new games with the competition being able to play one, or just one new game. Are people that much of a fanboy that they rather sacrifice they're own gaming options to spite the competition.

MS has some very talented studio's, they're fully capable of putting out something that I'm sure many gamers would love, but to just give up because their a chance of failure is ridiculous.

Sony put out a lot of exclusives last and many were mediocre, but from that they also produced some true masterpieces which are regarded as some the best games of all time. As a gamer, I prefer those business practices imo.

Manic20143633d ago

To be fair we don't know the full story in why it has gone exclusive, it may be MS funded the game, or Square did not want to compete with uncharted next holiday so they made MS an offer. All in all MS end game is to provide Xbox gamers with killer exclusives, which hopefully after this is mostly first party. Same goes for Sony with No Mans Sky.

NZLAnonymous3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Microsoft pays to have 3rd party games exclusives on their conso