Why BioShock on iOS Isn’t the End of the World

"When I first heard that BioShock was being ported to iOS, I joined the gaming community in letting out a collective sigh and agreed that a mobile version of one of the most revered console games of all time was not something the world needed. However, since the announcement and after much thought, my outlook has changed. Maybe mobile ports of games with a level of BioShock status just might be what the gaming community needs to see more of." - Dustin Triplett of Geekenstein

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DonDon2727d ago

It's just a port. It's not like their moving the future franchises to mobile exclusively. THEN it would be alarming.

windblowsagain2727d ago

The original 2 were awesome.

The newest edition was not even close. Nothing like bioshock.

I hope they go back to the beginning again.