Destiny Beta: Character News from Bungie is Disappointing

"In a new weekly update, Bungie confirmed that the characters created by players for the Destiny Beta will not return for the final version of the game. This was addressed in an official update because it had become an issue for players. As Deej described in the update, it was “one questions you’ve all been asking.” Explosion

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Chaostar2508d ago

It's only disappointing if you were stupid enough to believe they would carry over in the first place.

ArchangelMike2508d ago

Agreed. Bungie is right that Characters from a BETA are not final builds in terms of stats, and so it would make sense to have the carried through. I'm sure if character stats in the final game are changed, people would complain if their BETA characters turn out to be underpowered, or gimped and certain way because it was a BETA character!

Plus it doesn't really make narrative sense for the game to start with a level 8 character that has already been to the moon!

XBLSkull2508d ago

Took like 3 hours to reach level 8, are people really disappointed that that won't transfer over? Laughable...

Gozer2508d ago


Agreed, I really hope the leveling was accelerated in the beta. 4 story missions, and the Strike mission, and you were already at level 6. Add an hour or so in the explore mission, and you could hit level 8. That's almost halfway to the level cap on the first planet in the game. That's pretty weak for an rpg. I'll be let down if I hit the level cap in two days.

devwan2508d ago

@Gozer I remember talk that levelling was accelerated in the Alpha and it felt no different in the Beta to me.

The thing is, reaching level 20 is far from the pinnacle of where you take your character, it's merely the first step.

Once you reach 20 it's all about the gear you can loot to modify that character with light and XP earned goes towards earning motes of light, which can also be used as currency for the really juicy stuff from the Speaker or whoever.

The game only really begins at level 20.

kazuma9992508d ago

Keep playing at 20 and u can get more levels....Ign got a lvl 29 titan and so on lmao, ppl needs to look at more info on this sheet......

Gozer2507d ago


I hope that you are right about the leveling being sped up. Im aware of the ability unlocks, legendary, and light loot. It just doesn't make sense to me as to why Bungie would make the level cap attainable in such a short amount of time. I mean, why even have leveling in the game at all if its just there to keep you from getting certain items for a few hours?

SilentNegotiator2507d ago

All of this Destiny FUD is getting annoying.

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FamilyGuy2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

The Beta was so finalized that it gave the impression of a complete game so I can't fault people too much. On top of that was Bungie themselves saying "maybe" when they were asked about it.

People can try to argue that a game like FF14 ARR allowed you to keep your final stage beta character but one huge thing about that game was the fact that it was releasing onto the already released PC servers were high level characters already existed. For Destiny this will be the first release on any platform so it just makes more sense that everyone starts at an even playing field.

Other reasons why include the tweaks they're making that could effect drop rates, level progression speed and more. You gain more abilities as you level up and can bring your character into The Crucible (PvP arena). It wouldn't be fair to other players if you came in with advantageous abilities that would take them (who didn't play the beta) a longer time to unlock.

As far as the title goes, personally I'm not disappointed. I didn't expect to keep my character at all, I think the equipment that was found and saved in our vaults is the bigger loss.

GW2122508d ago

Finalized my ass. That's a ridiculous statement.

FamilyGuy2508d ago

How so?
Did the Beta feel broken to you?

It was pretty well done in my opinion, they just need to tweak how over powered some moves are in the crucible as well as that big inceptor(?) ship on the moon level that was like having a rocket launcher with endless ammo.

I was just giving reason to why some might have believed we would actually keep those characters but I really would like to know how my statement is "ridiculous".

DanteVFenris6662508d ago

@familyguy he means the lack of content and longetivity. I'm not new to mmo betas. This is nothing compared to some I've played. But this was a beta so it was seriously lacking in content not just balance

FamilyGuy2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

But it's not an MMO

It's like you have to replace "Massive" with some other word to describe Destiny. The number of players in a single area of a map is maxxed at 9 or so. The world isn't as huge as the worlds of MMOs either. I don't think it really makes sense to have expected its Beta to have as much content as MMO Betas when it isn't an MMO to begin with.

It's just online only, open world, with random or co-operative player drop ins. The people in the world with you disappear the second you step in to a different area unless they're on your fireteam. If me and some random guy both walk out of a city in a mmo we both show up outside that city, you can't follow random people around Destiny like that.

I don't think he was referring to the content provided. No one expected to play the full game in the beta.

TimeSkipLuffy2508d ago

FFIV is a MMORPG game. Destiny is far away from a MMORPG. Therefore that argument can't be really used. That said, I agree with characters not being transferred over. Doesn't make sense really. Everyone should start from scratch.

Utalkin2me2507d ago


To be fair he did not say that Destiny was a "MMORPG", he said MMO. And there is a difference between the 2. Saying that, Destiny is neither a MMO or MMORPG. It has RPG elements but that is about the extent of it.

Baka-akaB2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

FF14 only gave early access . The last phase , open beta was basically just a few days before launch ... so it didnt matter .

People also dont realise you need others to advance through hoops in the story . So Square had no qualm letting them go crazy a few days before , most would get stuck and have to wait for more players

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Jughead34162508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Agreed. How can your character carry over if you start from the beginning again? Do you buy a game hoping to start where you left off in a beta/demo? That's like starting at level 8 from the beginning of the game. This was supposed to just be a taste of what's to come, not actually starting the main game. Has anyone ever heard of beta progress carrying over? I haven't. I think the intelligent people realized this all along.

Tetsujin2508d ago

Some games do carry over progress (not many); the fact Bungie actually gave it some thought is a sign they wanted to however couldn't. I've played in different betas (console and PC) and depending on the situation some progress did carry over and some didn't. It's not based on "the intelligent" it's based on what the company thought was fair.

It doesn't change my opinion about the game, and no I'm not going to raise pitchforks and demand something unrealistic; it does upset me that some of what I did obtain in the beta doesn't carry over. I do hope at least what I did obtain does exist in the game.

rayzorn2508d ago

i have been in at least 10 beta and early access games and not one of them kept the save file for when the game was released.

you always had to start over.

hell some of the rpgs you could get around 20 hours into and when the game came out you lost your save.

crazysammy2508d ago Show
Iamnemesis48802508d ago

Did not expect it would happen would have been nice but cant wait to fire that game up any way.

Cra2yey32508d ago

Assault rifles now do 1 point less damage from the beta... So disappointing.
Any little thing and people complain about it. People are soft.

scark922507d ago

That is why I stopped playing at level 6, thinking it would be a hassle to replay my progress.

Kidmyst2507d ago

The only BETA I can think of where my progress was EVER saved was Playstation Home, which never really left the BETA stage anyways. But I knew this going in so I didn't put much care in my character. Some people!

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_082508d ago

Glad to hear that because i was thinking that i can carry my character over to the full version of it.

Tetsujin2508d ago

At least now I know so I can move on; would have been nice to at least start with the Iron Banner cape I won and that Legendary Hand Cannon I obtained in a match.

At least now when you make a character it carries over to the later games.

Gr1mmyshadows2508d ago

Man I was just hoping to keep my rank 5 with the cryptarch.

fonduktoe2508d ago

Leveling was accelerated for the beta so of course it wouldn't carry over

chaosx2508d ago

NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!I had such cool stuff!!!

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