Steven Ter Heide Talks Killzone 2

We caught up with the Guerilla Games' Steven Ter Heide to talk about Killzone 2.

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jvillan3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

won't be better than cod4

Wow, so many disagrees... so tell me this Sony Sheeple, would you say that Cod4 was better if it was the Sony exclusive and Killzone was multiplat...?

baum3781d ago

Reported + Ignore. Oops, you just lost another potential reader, Xbox sheeple.

Kyur4ThePain3781d ago

Maybe if you back up a baited statement like that with some reasoning, even if it's just a few words, you would get fewer disagrees.

People don't like it when others act so dismissive without putting some effort into it.


But, something tells me that disagrees and attention are exactly what you were after so in that sense, congratulations in succeeding.

Shadow Man3781d ago

LOL! They came at you like a pack of wolfs.

PS fans need to chill.

Panthers3781d ago

You tell me, if COD was a PS3 exclusive, how bad would it be?

You cant make a statement like that when you have no facts buddy.

PSMonster213781d ago

Well i disagree because its not out yet, which means you haven't played it, which means you can't pass judgement to it, which means you can't tell me that it won't be as good as Cod4.

PS: your zone is --->

beavis4play3781d ago

the people who loved COD4 were mostly talking about the multi-player. the campaign mode sucked. too short. too linear. and the sniper level i was looking forward to the most: big disappointment. i didn't want that guy leading me through the whole level. i also thought the story seemed like an after-thought.

i'm looking forward to KZ2 because i was hooked on the story from KZ1. i also loved the fact that there is no music in the game. that made the sounds of battle so much more intense. and the death animations in KZ2 are just freaking amazing.

COD4 was an ok game. fun, but not great. people said wwII games are cliche. but the "terrorist" enemies in COD4 were just as cliche and have been done many times. judging from what i've seen; i'm anticipating KZ2 much more than any of the COD series of games.

Bolts3781d ago

Need more disagrees...I wonder if its possible for one poster to breach 100 disagrees and lose all five bubbles in one day?

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SmokingMonkey3781d ago

this game will show the difference between a third person duck/cover/blind fire game and a
FIRST PERSON SHOOTER duck/cover/blind fire game
the difference PS3 owners will certainly enjoy.

kylegtheassman3781d ago

this game will be the best because its being play on a supercomputer

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