1UP: Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy Review

It's understandable that not every gamer wants to make games themselves, but even if you're just a shooter fan and not a creator, you should still give Blast Works a chance. The core game is cute and clever -- probably not a tide-changer, but it's definitely unique enough to be worth something within its genre (it's an awesome sequel to Tumiki Fighters, at any rate).

And if you've got the desire to design games (and share them with the world via Blast Works' included online tools), the editor will teach you some basic fundamentals. It may not make you that indie darling, but it may well inspire you, which is the biggest step.

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MK_Red3833d ago

Good score for a great game. Finally something decent from 1UP.

mepsipax3833d ago

Yeah this game confuses me, question 1 is it out yet, I've been to different sites that give diffrent release dates(I live in NA). 2. Is it just me or does the editor although very cool seem overly complicated to you and is it optimized to not take up much space on Wii (only 200 blocks left!) Now that that's out of the way I'm buying it for sure and think that some fellow N4Gers (that looks as though it should be offensive) should create a N4G based level. The logo would be the ship and the enemies would be articles, and the final bossess would be raving console fanboys.

MK_Red3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

1. The game is out. (Been out since 10th, don't know why 1UP is stating 15th as the release date)
2. The editor is pretty easy to work. It's only bit hard at the beginning.
3. N4G themed level would be awesome :)

Smacktard3833d ago

I'm really looking forward to getting this game. I really don't know if I'll be able to do much in it though. I have so few blocks left on my Wii (less than 100). I may have to hold off until an external harddrive gets released, or until I muster up the care to move games on to an SD card. Bleck.

BrotherNick3833d ago

I just checked at the stores, Best Buy said it'll be out on the 17th.