Destructoid: Pew! Pew! Preview!: Spore Creature Creator

Destructoid writes: "I feel I must preface this Pew! Pew! Preview! by stating that up until last night, I had no desire for Spore whatsoever. I understood the potential of the game and knew it was going to be a big deal, but I just didn't see Spore as being something that I would like -- especially since I tend to stay away from these types of games, as they will suck my social life away (damn you, Animal Crossing).

However, after getting my hands on the Spore Creature Creator, I really don't think I'm going to mind ignoring all my friends and loved ones. Hey, why bother socializing when I can just make my friends now?!

Seriously though, Spore blew my mind last night. Hit the jump to read about my impressions of Spore Creature Creator, just one part of what's going to be a huge game."

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