Fanboys Beware: It's Starting to Look Like the Consoles are More on Par Than You Think

It's undeniable that the Xbox One console is an underpowered machine when compared to the PS4. With more and more games reaching that all-important 1080p resolution on the console though is it possible that fanboys of the future aren't going to have anything to yell and scream about anymore?

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Mikelarry3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Yeah but my 1080 is better than your 1080.. theres levels to this RECOGNIZE :)

OT: it was bound to happen, it is no longer that important now that the consoles cost the same

bintarok3345d ago

Still, both current gen consoles are not powerful enough for future 4K gaming.

JeffGUNZ3345d ago

True, but with the price of 4K/Ultra HD televisions and the lack of support (mainstream) support of 4K, that isn't an issue. I could see this gen. ending a little earlier once 4K becomes more common.

xHeavYx3345d ago

One game makes it to 1080p and now the consoles are more on par?
Yeah right, wake me up when console sales are on par

Volkama3345d ago

Shhhh.... don't... make... a sound....

You might wake the fanboy.

afterMoth3344d ago

Hilarious, so when a game that isn't pushing the hardware makes 1080p on both systems it means both systems are equally powerful. Microsoft loves the way the die hard Xbox fans think.

pastysmash3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

4K gaming will never catch on. Not even on PC. Considering you need a decent 770 or 780 Sli setup for good performance most people avoid it because the whole premise is too pricey for PC gamers to conform to.

@Volkama I disagree, I didn't say anything about the costs of the Monitors/TV's. I know they're coming down in price.

It's the price of GPU's that facilitate 4K performance that turn people off. 500 pounds for a 780Ti, 400 for a 780, 290x etc, both GPU's still struggling to perform at 4K then you have to take into consideration building the rest of the PC, Cpu, PSU, Mobo, SSD etc. How do i know?

I've been running 4K for 4 months on a samsung U28D590DS...


Volkama3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I think this canadianonlinegamers site have put up a few questionable articles.

Destiny and Diablo are relatively high profile games that both made the last-ditch jump from 900p to 1080p. It's a good thing for the Xbox version, but it doesn't say much about the hardware difference between the consoles.

@Pantysmash 4k gaming will catch on. nVidia, AMD, and more importantly the likes of Samsung/LG/Asus are all steering the industry towards it. The costs won't be so steep forever.

ABizzel13344d ago

This is so silly, Diablo 3 running in 1080p should have never been a question to begin with, and if it was it really goes to show that the XBO was vastly underperforming from it's base model GPU.

It runs at 1080p @ 50 fps on a HD 7750, so that meant the XBO (based on a 7790) was performing worse than that if they couldn't get it up. So currently the XBO is an easy port for games running on the level of an HD 7770.

CuddlyREDRUM3344d ago

Neither are 99% of PC rigs.

Patrick_pk443344d ago

@JeffGunZ You know 4K monitors are cheaper then Television by a land slide, right?

brich2333344d ago

4k? yeah because 99% of the population has 4k tvs.

Scatpants3344d ago

Most people's PCs aren't powerful enough for it either.

Volkama3344d ago

@pastysmash bully for you, I have a 4k TV and crossfire 290s myself.

Graphics cards advance, 4k will not require multiple high end cards forever. So the cost of 4k gaming will drop significantly.

jackdaddy3344d ago

I would rather have a few more years of quality 1080p gaming on my ps4 than sub standard 4k right now.
That's what Pc's are for.

higgins783344d ago

Both? Sorry, but unless you have been living under a rock you will find 3 current gen consoles...a little known console manufacturer called Nintendo is also in the picture. Bloody ignorant jocks. Don't think for a second that missing out on 'next gen' cough* games such as Watch Dogs and TLOU make it less relevant.

SilentNegotiator3344d ago

Neither are 99.9% of PC rigs.

Cueil3344d ago

hoping this generation is short

Docknoss3344d ago

The One's hardware had never been the issue. It was the rushed Dev tools Microsoft put out. Now that new and improved SKU has dropped, nothing but 1080p from Developers. Nay say all you want but it's the truth.

700p3344d ago

All i see is people crying.

ZombieKiller3344d ago

I'll believe that when I see it.

If the xbox is struggling now with 1080p, what happens when the games get better looking/require more power?

Sorry but I'm sticking to my PS4. Actually, no I'm not sorry.

Prime1573344d ago

@pastysmash, "4K gaming will never catch on. "

Well, people said that about 720/1080... technology grows fast. So never? Not never.

Right now, yes, it's for those with cash to burn. However, a few years will tell.

masterfox3344d ago

lol 4k, good luck with that.

Boody-Bandit3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

"4K gaming is the future"

Yes, I agree. It's the future.
The future for the PC and some day console gaming. But those that pretend PC gaming is already there are either lying their @zz off or don't know WTF they're talking about.

I have a PC (check my profile n click on my facebook link for pics) with dual GTX 780 Ti Classifieds and my rig can't hit 4k resolutions at reasonable frame rates.

My rig struggles (which I just upgraded this week), although I thought it wouldn't, to hit 60 FPS with BF4 and Crysis 3 max settings, 60fps on 3 x 1080p displays at 60hz.

It takes about 1 minute to google and hear the tech experts tell you we are roughly 2 years away from 60fps, 60hz, max settings in 4k on a single display. Even than the cost will be more than most are willing to spend unless you have uber deep pockets.

Do some research on 4k you will also find that most games out today have issues, regardless of how powerful your hardware, with scaling, dithering, panning, scope, etc... while running games in 4k. Most people running 4k displays do it at 30hz. Not 60,120,144, etc, but 30hz just to get reasonable frame rates in 4k.

So don't believe the drivel being spewed by the misinformed. Oh and BTW those 4k displays have input lag worse or on par with standard LED TVs. Any hardcore PC gamer, or hardcore gamer in general, worth their salt, want as low a input lag monitor as possible. Not screen response time but input lag. 2 entirely different beast.

That is why 1080p is still the best monitor to game on competitively.
I have a PC monitor with 7ms input lag and a 55 Sony w802a for console gaming in my media room (it has 17ms input lag / lowest on big screen displays today).

memots3344d ago

but 1080p didn't matter a month ago ? it does now?

4Sh0w3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Oh here we go, show me anyone who says 1080p/higher specs does NOT matter and I'll show you a fool.

That's why we buy new consoles.

What your mis-characterization of the general topic is missing is that while there are some who now and continue to make 1080p a main priority, there are many that don't think it is paramount; especially if we are talking more ambitious games from a design perspective. For example if a developers VISION/GAME DESIGN is to make a huge open world game with, tons of effects, tons of NPC's, tons of weapons, scope, depth, weapons, modes, features, etc AND ALSO he targeted it all to be running at 1080p 60fps and mid development cycle he found that his vision is too ambitious, my hope is the first thing he sacrificed is 1080p, I'd gladly take all the above at 900p while you can have the lifeless 1080p game because the dev thinks the label on the box is more important to gamers.

Bobby Kotex3344d ago

It's ridiculously sad you comment is downvoted. The ignorance here is amazing.

Wizard_King3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )


Yes 4k will catch on and sooner than you might ever think. You fail to see that next years GPU's are all targeting above 1080 as the high end GPU market has hit a wall at 1080p. 3 years from now even mid range GPUS will push 4k at a reasonable rate and we will shift forwards while PS games are stuck at 1080 and xbones will be stuck with even less.

We can already see the next wave of 4k screens supporting 60 hertz and above and with HDMI2.0 all the issues will be ironed out.

You can choose to deny this for what ever reason you feel but it's the truth. Most decent PC gamers already have more that 1 1080p monitor (I have 3, that's 5760x1080) or a 1440p or a 2k screen.

So yeah I am more than confident that next years 880GTX and the following years 980GTX will prove you wrong. Console only gamers will still have around 6-7 years of static tech ahead of you at that point, while PC gamers leap ahead. I'm not knocking what the PS4 is and can do but lets not piss in the wind about things you obviously don't understand.

And I bet if that actually is your screen you where dumb for buying a first gen, locked at 30 hertz 4k screen..... DUMB

andibandit3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )


"4K gaming will never catch on"

ok so in 30 years we will still be gaming in 1080P?

you problably meant:

"It's gonna be a long time before 4K gaming catches on.

Giul_Xainx3344d ago

Lack of support and adoption of 4k rez TV's?

Boy doesn't that sound so much like 2007 with the hdtv hdmi fanboy war over the 360 vs ps3?

Next in line was blu ray disc apparently not being needed.

Don't ever say something has a lack of support or not enough peolle buying it. What you should be saying is this:

I can't wait to see 4k gaming.

That is the problem with this fanboy war. Progress gets stunned and shot in the knee because of silly, stupid, and downright trollish comments to put down another fan base.

We pick on the opposite console to show its bad side that needs improvement. But all of these 00 kids think of it as some sort of a personal diss to their image.

Seriously those people on youtube don't care about your opinion on them. They don't care if you put up something against the console they chose. They all see that as a means to improve their system.

It is the ones who do take the dissing of their console so personal that they have to make personal insults towards the opposition. When really you should be focusing on the negatives of JUST THE CONSOLE. Not the person. Who ever throws out a personal insult against another persons opinion needs to have their head checked.

This is why we keep saying "dance fanboys dance!!!"

Why? Because we want you to point out something that is wrong with our system to make it better.

If you really want a fanboy to get mad just ignore their comment completely. Don't even make a relly. Most of all if you even send a pm that means you are truly disturbed and should avoid even owning a console. Your constant perception of acception needs to tone down. No one really cares about the brand names you support.

Berezau3342d ago

4K may or may not catch on. The truth is though, we're starting to stretch the line where the difference in visual fidelity is not really going to be noticed by a heck of a lot of people.