Global Hardware and Software weekly ending July 26th

PS4 tops hardware , Youkai Watch 2 Ganso/Honke (3DS) takes top spot for software .

PS4 111,822
3DS 109,745
WiiU 59,429
XOne 55,037
PS3 44,639
PSV 36,825
X360 30,214
Wii 8,164
PSP 6,007

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NatureOfLogic_3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Xbox One is having trouble outselling WiiU. Not a good sign for Xbox or MS. If this continues, Xbox One may see a early death this gen. Also, keep in mind that Xbox One is the least wanted next gen console globally, even with VGChartz overtracking it while undertracking other consoles.

PS3 44,639
Xbox One 55,037

Xbox One is done globally.

Godmars2903628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

But will MS really invest in an XB2? Much less try to reset 8th gen if nor jump-start the 9th.

iamnsuperman3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Microsoft are that type of company to reinvest in a product that didn't do well (even if it doesn't do anything for the wider company). Look at the first surface. That bombed hard (which, amongst other things, forced out the then CEO). Yet Microsoft are continuing the line making it even more niche than before (I really don't get their approach to the surface. They are trying to push an ecosystem with a niche product). The new CEO seems more Ballmer than fresh blood.

This is why, not matter what happens (though I am not saying it will be bad for the One), there will be another Xbox by Microsoft. I mean they haven't given up on bing at that holds about 19% of the market.

scotmacb3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

One thing is for sure MS will never sell a weaker machine again they will make sure its more powerful next time thats sony's fault for changing specs at the last minute lol i think its funny how everyone is saying death to x1 this is a long race and its still only the start anything can happen in 7-9yrs

BiggerBoss3628d ago

I doubt MS are going to drop out of the console race. They're not doing THAT bad. Even if they stay in third place, I believe they'll keep supporting the Xbox one until software sales start to decline, and then they'll try to jump start the next gen like they did with the 360 to get a jump start on Sony. I doubt they'll try to release new hardware before the 5 year mark, but this gen definitely won't last as long as the last.

Godmars2903628d ago

Considering the XB1's launch, if they do anything, you really think they're going to wait five years?

frostypants3628d ago

@BiggerBoss: The problem is that the bigger the disparity grows, the harder it will be for MS to secure exclusives.

BiggerBoss3628d ago

@frosty, yes that's true, but just because they get less exclusives doesn't mean they'll stop making consoles. Come on. Ps4 is gonna dominate this gen for sure, but that doesn't mean that Xbox is gonna be discontinued.

Chaoticmoon3628d ago

An early jump-start for gen 9 may come with backlash from the 5 million (or so?)xbone owners being dropped for a new console. People who buy consoles hope to get a certain lifespan out of them before the nextgen comes and especially with lastgen being so long that is what people come to expect. Also a brand new console would require a lot of R&D investments and I can see the shareholders not being a fan of that.

Godmars2903628d ago

MS's "problem" is that they have always been more about traffic than leading the pack. If that makes any sense.

I mean that while they want to present themselves as an industry leader, what they really want to be are middlemen. The guys everyone has to come to. Who have the hand in everything, and thus gets paid by everyone.

Windows is about being the OS everyone needs, and that business model applies to everything that they've done since: to be something everyone needs.

That someone else was there first, unlike DOS or Windows, is besides the point.

Tony-A3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Exactly. Microsoft is primarily a software company and so they naturally think like a software company. I think that the XBO is suffering this generation because of that reason.

When selling proprietary hardware, you have to have your sights set to the leadership position, not necessarily to become "everybody's box". It sounds odd because, why wouldn't they want their box in every home? The thing about making and selling hardware is that you need to have a purpose.

There's an old saying that goes "if you attempt to be the jack of all trades, you tend to come off as an expert in nothing." They wanted to make a definitive console for everything you do in the living room, but it doesn't do anything particularly better than anything else. And if you were to ask MS what the hell the main point of the box is, they're response when they revealed it would've been "an everything box." It's only further damaged by the fact that it's now trying to be the best gaming console, but it's clearly not (specs wise).... so why would I buy it?

Sonys message was: "This is a PS4. The best place to play."

Nintendo's was: "This is Nintendo in HD. All your favorite classic franchises." It's niche but hey, there's a clear message.

MS had: "This is the XBO. It's a gaming console, but our main goal is TV!... but you can still play Halo!... and yes, you WILL want Kinect!... even though it was first meant for games, but is now mainly our version of Siri!"

With software, it's easy. Get yourself out there, on everything. With hardware, something has to sell it - what you choose to be good at will become your main demographic. Kinda explains why Windows is on almost every PC, yet they can barely make a dent in the smartphone market against Apple.

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iamnsuperman3628d ago

Depends by what you mean as an early death. If it doesn't pick up Microsoft will not let it last as long as the 360 did but they are not going to abandon ship and start again any time before the 5 year mark. It will not go down well with investors, consumers and developers/publishers.

gfk3423628d ago

It seems that some of people commenting on this site were right. XONE is not competing with PS4, but rather with WiiU. Something must be done by Microsoft. For start they should lower the price so to correctly reflect the power difference. Also the price should reflect also the fact that Kinectless XONE doesn't have voice commands, while PS4 has this feature out of the box.

kenshiro1003628d ago

But didn't they have a pricecut before? They still didn't do any better.

The console needs true exclusives, not exclusives that go to the PC like a year later or some other console.

Halo and Gears isn't going to cut it anymore.

IrishSt0ner3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Ever hear of confimration bias, this place is full of it?

Using the same BS stats site, the regions where X1 is available:

EUROPE/USA - Xbox One - 4.67 million
EUROPE/USA - Wii U - 4.45 million

So Xbox One has sold more in 9 months than the Wii U has in 1 year and 9 months.

Yet they're claiming Xbox One will finish behind it, really? /smh

Stealth disagree people, come on stand up and prove that wrong...

iamnsuperman3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Those people claiming that are more looking at the pace the Xbox One is selling now and not how quickly it has sold since launch. Both the Wii U and One saw big demand the first couple of months but the demand soon diminished. So in a way they are, apparently, selling at roughly the same rate. That is what those people are talking about and it isn't such a ridiculous assumption to make (based of these figures)

I do feel Microsoft has wiggle room than Nintendo (Microsoft just needs to make more attractive games and build up a bigger catalogue, Nintendo has to do that and compensate for the lack of third party support and being new to the online scene) to improve those current sale trends

IrishSt0ner3628d ago

@iamnsuperman - 'apparently selling roughly at the same rate'... can't really use weekly sales to back that arguement up when Xbox has sold more (where available) in less than half the time. So, I'm saying what they're talking about is statistically wrong, I'll take objective reasoning over conjecture all day long.

Going by historic sales in another 9 months X1 will be double that of Wii U sales.

Unless Nintendo pulls out another 'Wii revolution' and beats both MS and Sony again I really don't see how it can be even considered to be competing with X1.

Really IMO, the only interesting battle is by how much PS outsells Xbox overall this generation.

MysticStrummer3628d ago

"can't really use weekly sales to back that arguement up when Xbox has sold more (where available) in less than half the time."

"Going by historic sales in another 9 months X1 will be double that of Wii U sales."

If by "historic sales" you mean overall total, you have to take into account that more than half of XB1's sales happened in 2013. That skews the overall number to make the console's performance look better than it is.

BiggerBoss3628d ago

You're disregarding the fact that over 3 million of those Xbox one sales were launch/2013 sales. If the Wii U managed to consistently keep outselling Xbox one, it could definitely keep Xbox one in third place. I doubt that will happen however, because Xbox one has greater appeal in America which is where the majority of sales will happen. It could definitely go either way though

iamnsuperman3628d ago

Like the other two mention, the Xbox numbes are skewed by that initial release. Same thing happened with the Nintendo numbers (They sold quite a lot by the end of the launch year). The weekly data helps as if Microsoft can't over take Wii U's sales it never will (as a total)

IrishSt0ner3628d ago

So Wii U sales aren't 'skewed' by it's own launch or subsquent good sales periods, how do you even justify that?

This is not rational guys, I'm really at a loss how these arguments are formulated, MS numbers are skewed but Nintendo's are not?

Basically what I'm hearing is Wii U beat X1 this week therefore 'if it continues' then X1 is in third place, but lets ignore past sales due to MS numbers being skewed and Nintendo's number are not.

That friends, is a perfect example of a straw man's argument.

I'm calling BS frankly, applying one weeks sales figures as a means to formulate an outcome completely ignoring past data trends is ludicrous, and most importantly wrong.

Ol_G3628d ago

yeah you're totally ignoring japan where the x1 isn't out and where it wouldn't sell if it was
the thing is Wii U is also selling in japan and x1 certainly isn't going to sell there and i have 2 previous gens to back that statement up
you're the one ignoring the japanese market that puts the Wii U far ahead of x1 only to make some kind of argument and for what ? is someone paying you for this do you have shares?

D-riders3628d ago

MS and nintendo are differnt one is a video game comspnay and the other is a software company. the game company has no choice but to keep rolling with it. Ms can t say were out of here

wolfcreek3628d ago

facts are facts the wiiu has sold almost 7 million to xbox 4.5. second xbox wont sell in asia and the wiiu is #1 in asia, Xbox will never catch wiiu. Nintendo is # 1 in first party games sells also

Boody-Bandit3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Currently the XBOX ONE is in 3rd place while being 2 million units behind to the 2nd place Wii U.

So it doesn't matter when the Wii U or X1 were released. The Wii U is current ahead of the X1 and outpacing it week after week worldwide. That's it, full stop, end of story. It's really that simple.

They have 2 million+ units to make up and currently are being outsold by the 2nd place competitor. Again, it really is that simple.

lpfm3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


I will "draw" for you.

"if x > y and a > b, then x + na > y + nb"

x = number of wii u sold, life
y = number xbone sold, life

a = number of wii u sold per week
b = number of xbone sold per week

n = number of weeks

You got it?

harrisk9543628d ago

The difference between XB1 and WiiU sales/projections is that the XB1 came out of the gate at launch and sold a lot of units. Since then, the XB1 has been selling very lackluster and not moving units even with "heavy hitters" such as Titanfall, the "hype" coming out of E3 and the unbundling of Kinect. It is still being outsold by a considerable margin by PS4, even in the U.S., XB's home turf.

The WiiU, by comparison, sold lackluster coming out of the gate at launch, marred by a lack of games and customer confusion over what it was compared to the Wii. The WiiU is no gaining momentum, "system sellers" are being released and Nintendo's E3 direct created a lot of buzz.

In other words, the XB1 and WiiU, at this point, appear to be on reverse trajectories of each other.

GordonKnight3628d ago

Nintendo is NOT in competition with the X1. They are in different categories. The X1 & PS4 copy each other and Nintendo. Nintendo is in its own world which works for them. All three of have evolved gaming for the better. So why hate on one of them?

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XStation3628d ago

There's over 300 million people in the U.S alone and millions everywhere else...over a billion in China. You think the Xbox One is done globally when the generation just started? Come on now.