Microsoft RPG lineup: A one stop shop

Since Microsoft's recent RPG event, news has been coming in in bits and pieces. Now, with much effort is available a one stop shop for those big releases. Complete with trailers, release dates, and quick game summaries; enough is there to whet any appetite.

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dxmnecro3781d ago

I wonder what they will think about this in Japan.

fork_is_the_back3781d ago

MS are stupid This will make japanese hate Xbox more coz they dont get to play it on theire sh1t

Eromu3781d ago

Why is this tagged Playstation 3?

SI7VER3781d ago

It's really starting to p!ss me how M$ is buying our exclusive brands. It'll be one sad day to see the headline, "M$ has just bought Square-Enix"


ry-guy3781d ago

I imagine this is one of the better "cross-platformed" tags.

Anyways it is probably tagged since games like Star Ocean 4 *may* still appear on the Playstation 3 but that is still left unconfirmed.

Oh no! SquareEnix wants to make some more money!

I'll take new cross-platform games rather than the next iteration of Chocobo Racing or Final Fantasy X-129,022,902,131.

Now they have a reason to get these games out: garunteed money. I'm sure if $ony (ha! see how I did that!? Now Microsoft and Sony are on the same level!) threw out some cash to SquareEnix for FFXIII you'd seen announced release date tomorrow and I bet they'd make it within 6-8 months (December-Feburary).