Evolve Officially Delayed Until 2015

SheAttack: Erica of SheAttack expresses her disappointment with the latest delay news. Evolve is officially delayed. Has this generation been a disappointment? Are there too many delays and remasters?

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jhoward5851930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Is there too many delays and remasters this generation?
I think delays are necessary because I've noticed most devs don't have the man power to make game in a timely manner. That's probably the main reason for the delays. well, I know Some devs have been hiring talents to help speed things up, but it's still not enough man power. Its Obvious most Devs are taking it slow in search for talents, and I don't blame them. They don't want to over hire. After they complete a game they'll know whether they want to hire more talents or not. I believe Most devs want just what is needed to produce a game in a timely manner with out going overboard. Going overboard probably would mean they would have to raise the cost of the fished game.It seem as though most dev haven't reach their goal yet, but in time they will. I'm sure we all don't want that.

ifistbrowni1929d ago

2014 is truly the year of delays.

ssjkiet1929d ago

It sucks to wait, But i rather that then a wreck that was BF4.

Aces171929d ago

This gaming year officially sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.