Xbox One 'Ultimate Evil Edition' Reaches 1080p Resolution

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will be released in full 1080p resolution on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, according to a report by the San Jose Mercury News. This is a boost from the 900p resolution that was originally specified for the Xbox One version of the game. That was detailed in recent press promotion for the upcoming game, that also provides new video of the game being controlled via the PlayStation Vita.

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AngelicIceDiamond1929d ago

@Johnny Is it REALLY that big of a deal to you and your kind who tout this?

Is it good news sure its always good news but its not end all be all, life or death.

Good news for X1 owners who really, really cares for it.

Lets hope the game plays well.

Docknoss1928d ago

This game and Diablo 3 are now 1080p. Dev's are getting better at manipulating the ESRAM'S Choke points

christocolus1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Its just good to know that devs are able to hit the 1080 mark and with MS constant sdk updates im certain they will get better at working with the hardware over time. I imagine the launch games would all have benefited from this extra gpu and cpu boost.

I can only imagine how good gears4, halo5 and rares upcoming titles will look. Great times ahead.

Cueil1928d ago

>_> the ESRAM isn't a choke point it can read and write simultaneously from RAM and CPU

BlackWolf121928d ago

Well yeah, resolution absolutely does matter.

When we have TV screens larger and larger every year. It is noticeable.

Julion07151928d ago

I swear ppl don't even care if games are fun anymore it's like 1080p equal fun now. How about we focus more on if games are good or not smh

gfk3421928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Reaching 1080p doesn't mean that some compromises haven't been made. The best example is Sniper Elite 3 in which despite boosting 1080p, Xone has a lot of issues. Please check Digital Foundry's face off and you'll see: bad frame rate, screen tearing, no ambient occlusion, worst textures than Ps4 and others. So I rather have a less resolution with good performance than vice versa. Hope this would not be the case with Diablo on Xome.

badz1491927d ago

LOL hitting 1080p on a low end game like Diablo 3 is something worth celebrating! /s

Volkama1927d ago

Diablo 3 actually looks really good in stereoscopic 3D. I didn't expect isometric games to gain much from the extra dimension, but they really do.

I suppose if the game is just reaching 1080p then 3D is off the table, which is a shame!

XBLSkull1927d ago

Definitely a closing gap and not a widening one.

ShinMaster1927d ago

Geezus you're so defensive.

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Magicite1927d ago

Not the most demanding game, but alright.

Cueil1927d ago

that they had any issue with either system shows you how important consoles are to Blizzard... not important at all

Sonital1927d ago

Indeed, now I can enjoy those extra pixels during the continual fluster cuck that is Diablo 3.

SilentNegotiator1927d ago

It would be silly if this undemanding, cross-gen game didn't manage 1080p on the bone.

FanboyKilla1927d ago

Lol who cares. Its diablo 3. A game that has released multiple times already. The same game mind you. What is this the fourth or fifth iteration of this game? Lol diablo is the devil.

Tsar4ever011927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Don't mean to read like troll, but so what? It's not as if the Diablo 3 engine is exactly known for stressing GPU's unlike the CryEngine, Unreal 4, Dice's BF4 engine, Havoc & Unity. I mean Hell, Diablo even runs well on last Gen consoles.

I mean really, who out there uses Diablo 3 as a benchmark to test the capability of a graphics card?

Kribwalker1927d ago

The so-what's out there are for all the ps fanboys that have continuously called out the X1 for not being 1080p on's lookin at you Patrick23, filling my PM box with stupid messages about it all the time

user65409481927d ago

It's a low polygon, overhead 2.5d perspective with ZERO draw distance (due to it being overhead). There's no reason why Xbox One shouldn't be able to do 1080p.

Saying it can do this game at 1080p isn't really saying much about the xbox one hardware.

legionsoup1927d ago

Well wholly crap! The Xbone can run a Gamecube game at 1080p!

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MorePowerOfGreen1929d ago

I've been saying for months the disparity we've seen so far has nothing to do with PS4's capabilities and had to do with the rushed XB1 dev tools. Not saying PS4 won't pull off some great stuff with its supposed edge naturally later this gen but by then it won't matter with DX12 and azure coming.

GarrusVakarian1929d ago ShowReplies(3)
Hellsvacancy1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

You also say a LOT of rubbish over the months, no wonder you're not taken seriously

Honestly though, how demanding of a game is Diablo 3 anyway?

system221928d ago

depends on how they built it... how big the environments are, the poly counts on models, animation rigs on the models, physics, lighting, map size, texture resolution, rendering effects like ao, caustics, sub-surface scattering etc... can't really say how demanding it is til we know what its outputting and whats been updated.

MRMagoo1231928d ago

well on the pc I have diablo 3 on with the xpac , the video card is a gt 450 and it runs diablo at above 50 fps even when I have about 60 or so mobs on me at once, so its not that bad but it can get hectic when its elite mobs with shiny affixes that make a lot of effects.

ThanatosDMC1928d ago

It was chugging current systems and burning out gpus because it was an unstable mess when it came out the first time. It was an awful game with low textures and lack of content till they start patching the game.

Xb1ps41928d ago

That's funny I see that comment a lot when a xb1 game hit 1080p... " how demanding is the game"

badz1491927d ago


To be perfectly honest, Diablo 3 is really nothing special graphic wise just like any other Activision/Blizzard games. Actually it would be an embarrasement if the Xbone couldn't run it @1080p at a decent fps!

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The_HarryEtTubMan1928d ago

I wonder if even you believe the things you type.

Supposed edge? Check out the disparity so far:

Hopefully MS can get those dev kits up in running so Xbone peasants can experience Witcher 3, COD Advanced Warfare and even Bone Exclusives like Sunset Overdrive in full HD by 2014/2015. I've only been playing in 1080p on PC since 2007 now.

Grave1927d ago

Wow, that's a sobering list. With all the sources to back it up too. Ouch.

jmac531928d ago

Haha! Your saviors, the cloud and DX12. What's it going to be next when those don't pan out.

poor_cus_of_games1927d ago

I know right. Every week it's like a new excuse. I'm starting to hate the fact that I bought a x1. The trolls here really put you off it.

PudgeyBurrito1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I wish people would start doing there homework. DX12 is an api.. Xbox One games fail to run smoothly at 1080p because of the additional load on the shading units. Games are bottle-necked by the Xbox One’s limited number of GPU cores. Direct X12 is not going to change anything. Developers might be able to squeeze out better performance elsewhere in the system like the cpu, but there is only so much that can be done with the hardware they’re working with. Simply put, The xbox one no matter what software has limit's and it just can't punch out high graphical games at 1080p without sub resolutions and scaling. This will be come more apparent in 3 or 4 years.

Please People, Start doing you're homework.

Also azure is going to need a stable internet connection to crunch units in the cloud and relay them which will cause massive lag to a game if the connection Degrades and won't work at all without a connection.

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Bigpappy1929d ago

Whatever 900p would have been fine by me. This game would have look great at 900p if it was running consistently at 30 or more fps. Haters are going to hate no matter the resolution.

gamer78041928d ago

wouldn't have mattered to me either, honestly in some cases 900p could "appear" better but that depends on how and if antialiasing is implemented in the game. Upscaling 900p can give the edges a softer look and help out if no anti aliasing is present. However generally 1080 looks a tiny bit better.

Blizzard said originally it was set for 900p because they didn't have the chance to work with MS and the new updates made recently to the Xbox One.

Dudebro901929d ago

But...but.. I thought the 10% boost wouldnt make games run in 1080p...

And I thought that the ESRAM made it impossible...

Glad to see it hit 1080p. Cant wait to play this game.

mhunterjr1929d ago

The whole 'ESRAM makes it impossible' idea was debunked prior to launch, when several 1080p games were released.

The truth is 1080p is more difficult to attain on xb1 , due to limited hardware when compared to ps4. But with familiarity and an improved SDK, devs are beginning to hitt 1080p more frequently... Soon the focus will shift from resolution and frame rate, to image quality...

Dudebro901929d ago

Im very well aware of the events. Thats why I posted the sarcastic post...

Xb1ps41928d ago

What do you mean by image quality? Like it will look better than 1080p but still be 1080p?

mhunterjr1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I knew YOU understood it ... I figured you were going to get a bunch if disagrees... The explanation was for them...

Software_Lover1928d ago

Its really not that serious to be tooting some horn.

HaveAll31928d ago

No Joke!!! All I Ever see is X1 cant do 1080P but more and more now are...

Mkai281928d ago

What gamers will hear now is, those wall textures look better here.

DigitalRaptor1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

It's good news, but are you even aware of what kind of game Diablo III is?

This isn't a more demanding next-gen game like Ryse or Sunset Overdrive reaching 1080p. This is an isometric action-RPG from 2 years ago. Your sarcasm wasn't warranted.

Dudebro901928d ago

Ryse and sunset are 30 fps, big difference maintaining 60 fps with 1080p than 30fps.

The fact its a two year old game doesn't mean much. Its still a fantastic looking game

Sweep141927d ago

@Dudebro90 : Ryse is not 30 fps, it's 20-25 fps at it's best.
Sunset Overdrive is less than 900P at the moment

poor_cus_of_games1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Come on look at the game. My phone could run it. It would be a extremely big embarrassment if it couldn't run it. I feel sorry for the people without a Internet connection. Ya know so that they can't download the patch.

HaveAll31926d ago

Just like the people on PS4 with out Internet that could not download the patch for COD and AC to get 1080p... It's always going to go back and forth.

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