10 Biggest Video Game Hoaxes

WC: Over the years we’ve been suckered into believing these hoaxes through schoolyard hearsay, fully rendered fake screenshots, or genuine urban legends that get passed around the world thanks to online forums and social media. We’re not too proud to admit that. We are, however, now going to get revenge on these tricksters by exposing the ten biggest gaming hoaxes of all time for the hateful fabrications they are!

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Magnus7013628d ago

Yeah....I tried to do the DOA: Extreme Beach Volleyball for like a full day when that magazine came out. I was either very gullible or really wanted to see some tits at the time that it made me temporarily stupid.

dcj05243628d ago

No shame Bro. I bought it too and managed to enjoy it. On a primal level of course.

johny53628d ago

The one that got me good was the myth of getting Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Dragonball Z Budokai if you beat the tournament with every character on Hard without dying!

I did it but left empty handed, man was I pissed!

MrSwankSinatra3628d ago

yep the majoras mask remake has me excited until i found out it was fake like minutes later. such a disappointment....

paul-p19883628d ago

I remember when GTA3 came out loads of people in my school were saying that if you got in a boat and drove far enough off the map you would arrive at 'Disneyland' with loads of people wearing mouse ears whilst armed to the teeth ready to greet you.... I spent a good few hours trying that one lol

e-p-ayeaH3627d ago

The pokemon was actually the one that most people actually belived to be true just because the 1st movie had also mewtwo.

Also the so called FF7 remake after the E3 05 presentation...

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What Caused The Nuclear War In Fallout? A Look Back At The Origins

Fallout is the most popular depiction of the nuclear devastation, but this wasteland didn’t appear out of nowhere and has a story behind it.


Fallout 1 and 2 won’t be getting remade, Todd Howard says

The series producer says the priority is making sure the originals remain playable…

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shinoff218323d ago (Edited 23d ago )

That's a bs excuse wasteland 1 was put on console. He probably doesn't wanna be shown up by games they didnt make. Fallout 1 and 2 are a much better product then what bethesada has put out, and I like the new ones to.

The older ones would be amazing on console. Damn shame

PrecursorOrb23d ago

They need a starfield remake lol

Ultra-MAGA22d ago

Don't worry Toddy, modders are remaking Fallout 2 in Fallout 4 its called Fallout 4 Project Arroyo.

YoungKingDoran22d ago

Wouldn't want to give Bethesda money for something they didn't create anyway, can play these on Vita (homebrew ports of FO 1/2 Community Edition) and now on 3DS too

shinoff218322d ago

I actually got a vita for this specifically. Would just prefer a console experience. I guess more of a TV experience is what I'd like.

YoungKingDoran21d ago

Fair enough, i have a Vita TV too which is how i actually have been playing these again opposed to handheld - you might know about this, but just in case, you can output video via USB [UDCD UVC] to a computer or smart tv. Not ideal but for a turn based game like this should be fine

Soy22d ago

Honestly, that's fine. It'd be cool to have 3D remakes, but I'd be good with console ports someday if possible.


Todd Howard Has No Plans to Retire, Open to Other Studios Making Fallout Games

In a recent interview, Todd Howard revealed that he has no plans to retire and reiterated Bethesda's openness to help from other studios.

DOMination-72d ago

Oh great, now we have to deal with Anasts Bethesda fetish indefinitely.

Thanks a lot, Todd

anast71d ago

You're welcome for the free entertainment. Usually, it comes at a cost of $70 because of inflation.

Crows9071d ago

That's an inflated price...

anast71d ago (Edited 71d ago )


It would be if it weren't a valuable resource.

mastershredder72d ago

"with no plans to retire anytime soon" I mean this is like a common news topic involving his name. Knock it off and do some actual newsing. This is like the biggest "No Duh" article of the day, and several sites had to regurgitate it. Geez. So lame.

OtterX72d ago

"Batman. I like the idea that if I had enough money, time, and vengeance, I could become him." - Todd Howard


This is when he'll retire.

nmbr1esq72d ago

He doesn't have to retire, just the stupid outdated garbage creation engine.

Kados71d ago

Netimmerse 4.0, presumably 5.0 for TES6. They should give the Fallout IP to Obsidian, and have it made in UE5.