Worthplaying Review - 'Warriors Orochi'

Worthplaying writes: "I have always found something immensely satisfying about the Dynasty Warriors series. Something is remarkably relaxing about roaming around a map that's chock-full of enemy soldiers in a semi-invincible manner while a kill count keeps track of the mayhem. The series has pushed the envelope less than a disgruntled mailman since the first iteration in 1997, or in any of the 22 subsequent releases, but it still works, right? Warriors Orochi for the PSP doesn't take the envelope any further, but it still manages to entertain. Is this iteration, which is priced as a new release, worth a purchase when every title in the series is essentially the same?

The story in Warriors Orochi is the standard stream of implausible fantasy. The serpent king, Orochi, transports the greatest heroes of feudal China and Japan to another dimension, because … well this isn't really explained much. It seems his motivation is just to be as evil as possible, which doesn't make for a terrific narrative. You, as one of the abducted warriors, have to defeat this evil tyrant, and even though Orochi has the power to transport entire castles through dimensions, this is presented as an entirely achievable task. Each house of warriors has its own motives for siding with - or attacking - Orochi, and this is really where some of the interesting plot developments occur. Even though the characters are supported by some truly awful voice acing and one-liners, their motives are much more interesting and deep than Orochi's."

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