Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Pack announced for europe

It has been announced that in Europe (so far) there will be a limited edition version of Hyrule warriors which contains a scarf and the game nintendo has said it is only for selected stores but so far only Nintendo UK online store has it for 50 pounds.

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pcz1926d ago

looks good, very temping.

but WTF is that about the game only being limited to certain stores and being £50

are nintendo stupid or what?

GamingSinceThe80s1926d ago

I wanted to get excited for HW.But the gameplay looks so repetitive and levels seem bland to me.I looks like you just keep fighting hoards and hoards of the same mindless enemy's over and over again with a boss mixed in some were.I don't think even Zelda can make me want to play a DW game.But for the people who like this kind of game I hope you enjoy it.Just because it is not my kind of thing I'm not going to hate on others for liking it.If I only had a Wii U I'm sure I would buy it.Just to many games coming out on the Wii U other systems this fall and winter.Smash bros,bayonetta,and captain toad will be my next Wii U games.

Justindark1926d ago

TO to me im not even the least bit interested in captain toad..

jayzablade1926d ago

This sucks in comparison to the Japanese boxsets....hopefully they'll be announced at a later date!

GordonKnight1926d ago

I'm still mad about not getting the Blue Turtle shell for Mario Kart 8!!!!!!

GordonKnight1926d ago

Because I'm in NA and they only released it at the New York World store in NA. I'm on the other end of America, so I missed out.

Chevalier1926d ago

Everyone got a poster of the blue shell as a preorder bonus. Which is just lame and one of the worst preorder bonuses I have ever given away.

kamikazilucas1926d ago

i hope amazon lists it at 40 pounds because people shouldn't have to pay 20 pounds for a scarf

Lucreto1926d ago

There are only 2 ways to get this.

Nintendo Uk site or GAME. GAME have it as retail exclusive sadly.

kamikazilucas1925d ago

at the time of puting this up it wasn't available in game ,it took forever to approve