Gamesradar reviews Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2

Andrew Hayward reports:

''If you're headed to the virtual links expecting something markedly different from the second portable extension of the long-running Hot Shots Golf series, think again – Open Tee 2 is a game of minor tweaks and extensive content, and aside from the advent of online play (missing from its predecessor), the game largely goes through the familiar motions.

That might be a cause for concern in some other franchises, but after 10 years of strong Hot Shots Golf iterations, said motions are expertly choreographed and largely second-to-none in the realm of videogame golf. The kiddie characters, customizable to an extreme here (with 300+ outfit options), continue to mask the fact that Hot Shots is a serious sim. Sure, the three-click meter swing system is perhaps too precise to truly recreate such a challenging sport, but it lends Open Tee 2 the perfect balance between pure enjoyment and skillful play, with a fantastic learning curve to boot.''

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