Five Games With Underrated Multiplayer

Hardcore Gamer: These games might not loudly announce their party potential, but they provide plenty of fun between packed Halo matches.

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BiggCMan1588d ago

Timesplitters. Ratchet and Clank on PS2. MGS3 and MGS4. Resistance 2 co-op.

It doesn't matter how many CoDs and Battlefields come out, nobody really remembers them as anything special or unique from the last.

It's the underrated multiplayer games that are remembered by different people for different reasons.

The games I listed are my personal favorite multiplayer games of all time. And I expect everyone to have awesome and unique answers.

SolidGear31589d ago

BioShock 2 .. only game I've ever really loved the mp for since Quake II on PC back in 1999

nope1111589d ago

Condemned 2: Bloodshot had an awesome multiplayer and it feature one of the best designed MP maps ever in any game: Farm House.

Never before has a map felt big and claustrophobic at the same time.

scark921588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Defo! Nobody plays it, not many games let you throw brick at other players faces, I would add Anarchy Reigns too since it is MP focused and nobody plays it, hell I never even played a game, only SP

IVanSpinal1588d ago

Crimson Skies
Rallisport Challenge 1 & 2
Blood Wake
Transworld Snowboarding
Def Jam Fight For NY

Wni01588d ago

Condemned 2 crime scene is still one the best MP mode of any games ive ever played. Farm House is incredible, but the other maps are awesome, (if you have the right player count and time limit set for each map.)

Seriously, I've seen 1 criminal take down 4 cops in Farmhouse horror movie style 1 by 1. Nothing will ever beat that. And have seen the reverse, even more, finding both bodies in time.

2v2 is imo the way to play. I only wished they locked out the cops for a good 10 seconds, to allow full access to the map for the criminals. Im sure Condemned 3: Bloodlust will come out on next gen though so no worries.

scark921588d ago

Never knew there was a Condemned 3 game coming, Condemned 2 is underrated in general.. Fantastic game!

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