The Media is Accepting That Games Might Not Cause Violence

Gamers have long been treated poorly be the media. As far back as 1991 parents have appeared in the news complaining about the new mode of entertainment. As games advanced, becoming more realistic (and more violent) they have often been vilified. Some, such as Jack Thompson have made names for themselves as anti-gaming crusaders, claiming that video games have been responsible for all sorts of atrocities such as the Columbine and Virginia Tech Massacres.

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MCTJim1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

You can thank Sen Joe Leiberman for the rating system. Though many companies tried to regulate beforehand. I think the rating system is a good thing. Parents are to blame if they purchase little Johnny a game with a rating of MA. If parents would parent and stop trying to be their kids friend first and parent second we would not be at this point.

Personally, I don't blame video games for the violence people do.

randomass1711929d ago

Games do not cause violence but they do expose people to violent ideas and content like any book or movie can. Children shouldn't be playing M rated games but parents don't seem to care. When I have kids I want to play those video games with them and make sure that they play appropriate ones and help them understand the line between fantasy and reality which is what all parents should do.

JackBNimble1929d ago


Are you a parent? how many kids do you have?

I agree that parents shouldn't be buying MA rated games for there kids. But I am getting sick and tired of hearing from you young single people (who I'm sure most of you are not parents) cheering "blame the parents for this or that "

MCTJim1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I have 2. One is 15 the other is 20. Yes, Im an older gamer. Turning 49 this year. Been married for 22 years.

@Jack since I've used up all my bubbles I cant reply so I edited this one. I'm not a prude by far, but inappropriate content is indeed not for 10 year olds that I constantly hear screaming into the mic. Thank goodness for party chat with the community I run with. I dont have stick of truth, but upon looking it up..yeah, no youngins watching or listening :D

JackBNimble1929d ago

Well I have 3 kids, I'm 43 and been married for 18 years. I also don't let my kids play any MA games.

I bought the stick of truth and found out very quickly that I couldn't play it while my kids were around. I loved the game ... but wow, you get some real shock value in that one.

TitanUp1929d ago

well if a parent buys an M rated game that clearly has the rating on front the game case wouldn't that be the parents fault if they ended up buying the game for little Johnny or little Sarah?

JackBNimble1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

That is not the point I was trying to make . If you read my first post again I say "I agree that parents shouldn't be buying MA rated games for there kids". And I as a parent will not and do not buy those M rated games for my kids.

I am simply getting tired of all the "blame the parents" articles and comments that I have seen over the last few years. It's the comments made from people who have no idea about parenthood that piss me off the most.

You're reading what you want to see and not what I am saying. Of course if parents are going to go out and buy M rated games for there kids then yes they are to blame. That was never the point to my post and it has clearly gone way over your head.

Tex1171929d ago

And why not blame parents for this?

Parents are responsible for their children. As adult gamers we can enjoy games that are deserving of the "M" rating. When content of "M" rating video games and the artistic integrity of developers to deliver more adult-themed content (or the juvenile view of adult themed content...(that's another discussion)) is threated because kids are getting their hands on these games, then rightly, blame is to be placed.

It isn't a single person who is over 18's fault. Its not the developer who made the game. It could potentially be stores who don't monitor closely who buys the game, and for sure its parents who buys the game.

zerog1929d ago

I am a parent myself and do not allow my kids to play inappropriate games but i still know that when it comes down to it that yes the parents are to blame. Who elses resposiblity is it to raise your kids and teach them right from wrong but your own? You may be sick of hearing it but it is none the less true. Kids do have minds of their own and do grow up to make their own decisions that will be totally their own but its still no one but the parent who is to blame for what they are exposed to and the thing taught to them about life in their early years that shapes them into the adults they will become.

Tex1171929d ago

Then what are you trying to say? Are you merely expressing your frustration that you are "sick and tired of hearing from you young single people (who I'm sure most of you are not parents) cheering "blame the parents for this or that."

If so, well, then frustrate away. But the way you delivered your frustration seemed to imply that you somehow did not believe the blame was justified. (Which it is).

Regardless, with your own parenting, you are one of the heroes, not the problem. You are well aware what an M" rating means. You are in a position to help other parents (being one yourself) to understand that "M" rated games are indeed that, but instead you took a position just to beetch about "always blaming parents." You are obviously free to do whatever you want, but it seems you have a unique opportunity as opposed to most gamers to defend M rated games and content and to help keep these games out of the hands of children.

JackBNimble1929d ago

I regret commenting on this.

No where did I say that parents do not need to take 100% responsibility for there children. And NO where did I say that parents are not to blame if they buy there children M rated games.

But still you're going to read what you want to read and put words in my mouth. I guess reading and comprehension is at an all time low on N4G today.

Tex1171929d ago

My reading comprehension is just fine. So fine in fact that I quoted your first post back to you in an effort to show that I not only read your post, but pointed out specifically the criticism I had with your post.

Your use of the conjunction "but" after your "I agree that parents shouldn't be buying MA rated games for there kids", weakens the first part of the sentence.

No doubt you are not advocating passing out GTA 5 to third graders. Never thought that you did. To me, from a structural perspective, you could have phrased your frustration better. Instead, you sounded defensive and blame shifting.

Ripsta7th1929d ago

So jack youre tired of hearing the truth right? So because you have kids and the ones saying it dont makes them wrong and you right? You and they agree in the same thing, parents are to blame yet youre tired of hearing this from sigles without kids(gamers??)

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Software_Lover1929d ago

Games do not cause violence per say, but weak minds can be controlled, manipulated, and affected by media.

people were violent before pong came on the scene.

JackBNimble1929d ago

Ya, it's called propaganda , and you can watch on the 6 o'clock news .

GW2121929d ago

Man that little white dot really pisses me off. I'm gonna go kick a midget.

XtraTrstrL1929d ago

These cowards can't go after movies because the same people that own and run Hollywood run their news stations. So they go after music and videogames repeatedly. Even though there's insane movies with endless sequels like 'Saw', that have no purpose other than to find new ways to torture people to death in the most disgusting and shocking way possible. That's why I don't even watch the vids when they are having those mindless drone arguments about music/games causing violent actions.

WeAreLegion1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Do I really need to defend Saw? Because I will.

These people were blaming movies before games came on the scene though. I was there. They blamed movies, music, games, radio, television, and everything else.

"The new kid on the block is the trouble maker." It's a popular mentality. These people simply haven't been told otherwise. They just need to learn and they will see the truth about video games. It's a medium. Elmo's Letter Adventure and Postal are both part of the same industry.

XtraTrstrL1929d ago

I'm also not saying that movies cause people to be violent. Just that it's ridiculous they never say anything about movies when there's so many crazy violent and messed up ones out there. It's always music/games they go after. Which makes them look like stupid hypocrites.

WeAreLegion1929d ago

That's true. They would if it were an easy target. I'm hoping to change some minds with my documentary.

WeAreLegion1929d ago

I feel like "the media" isn't one group of people with the same thought patterns. Younger people are working at these stations now who have been raised on video games. That would explain more open minds on some stations or websites.

The problem is people don't know any better. They aren't playing these games. They're observing from a distance and forming opinions based on hearsay. Inform them!

BouncingYeti1929d ago

I agree that the media is not one single group, but in general, when was the last time you saw a game receive positive press from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or the like? I don't remember a time ever really.

Of course as people who grew up with games start working at these stations the opinions will change, that's how movies and tv and jazz music went from being the ruin of the days' youth to an accepted part of culture. It's just exciting that we're already seeing that now.

rainslacker1929d ago

Sadly, many of them do know better. Many of the people that make these statements in the mainstream media are not idiots, and they have access to and do spend time researching these things as journalists will do. They even have research teams that help them make up these stories. At least at the major news networks is the case. Unfortunately that research is agenda driven, but the best way to form a good sounding agenda is to know the real facts, and then find something that disproves them.

Anyhow, it's common place to point fingers, and try to find something to blame. It gives people something to be pissed off about, because just being pissed off that some guy did something terrible just isn't enough anymore.

Much of the mainstream media has become more tabloid or sensational in the attempt to keep people watching. There are many reasons for this, but it's what is required for them to keep bringing in revenue. Their audience just won't stay tuned in for long periods of time for news actually presented in the way it used to be. It's too dry.

But no, the media isn't just one group of people. I've seen people who I would never thought to defend games do so. We just rarely ever see those articles, because they aren't incendiary enough.

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